Can you help me complete this list?

Im watching some videos on youtube and i notice that a lot of the really fast play is in front (as in not a breakaway). They are going super fast so i cant exactly see EVERY trick thats going on, so here is the list of front tricks i know, im i missing any major ones?

  1. Boing e boing (over under as well)
  2. Mach 5
  3. Wormhole
  4. barrel rolls
  5. pop n fresh / mondial
  6. sea sick

Are there any important ones they are doing that im missing here?

Brain twister and split the atom

This should help you out a lot.

+1 on the Alexis JV video.

I think doing a super-fast biggers/smaller combo is in most fast frontstyles. Or at least, I hope so… I see them whipping that yoyo around and I’m like “that LOOKS like a simple but fast move, but I don’t know what it is!”. If it’s biggers/smaller, those are right there in the video!

Yes yes yes!!! Thank you!!! The yoyoing community Is the bomb! You guys are always crazy helpful