Front style tutorials.

Hey guys, I’m looking to bolster my arsenal of front style tricks.

my usual go to combo is just an easy mix of brain twister, boingy boing and barrel rolls. I can do these fast enough to impress people watching me.

I want to learn these tricks to show people what I can do whilst in a confined space, I go to a lot of peoples houses where I can’t do a breakaway with enough power to get a minutes sleep out of it but I found front style takes a lot less space to do decent combos.

Right now I’m learning the Takeshi Boing and under over boing, Any tips welcome on these by the way… Having so much trouble with the under over I can’t even begin to describe it.

Thanks for any help, in the mean time… I will continue to bang my skills against this under over.

1 Like this is a good one to learn …very challenging

this video just has a simple element that you can add to your combos

but this one sorta helped me make a couple combos hope it helps

For under-over just start with making the yo-yo bounce as under and gradually learn to pull up faster so it goes to the other side where you can start doing it under again. It feels really weird at first because you have to learn to use less power for making it bounce underneath.

That Alexis JV video is really good for learning a lot of elements.