Tutorial (vid): Boing-E-Boing & Over/under - breakdown & exercises


Hi, well, there are often people asking about the Boing-E-boing trick as, for those who can do it, it is much harder to do than it looks like.

I found the existing tutorial not sufficient in order to get what’s going on, some are good and all, but none really helped me in getting the trick right.

Once I got it right, I tried to break it down for my friends so I could show them and teach them how to do it. After a discussion on a board, I decided to do a quick video, trying to show some of the elements that I find important in order to get that trick down. Hopefully it’ll help you guys out.

Oh, and this is about the side style boing-e-boing, I find it much easier due to easier hand positioning, and sidestyle is just more common nowadays. It’s a tiny bit harder to do it front style, but the principles are basically the same, it’s just less “readable” from the thrower point of view.

anyway, here’s the vid.

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I really enjoyed that hadoq! I appreciate the effort and thought you put into your posts and threads.


Thanks, I appreciate the appreciation ^^ sometimes I might come off a bit cocky or inappropriate, I guess we all can be “moody” at times, and even tho I’m fairly comfortable with english, it still isn’t my native language. That and the fact that forums miss many important elements of communication (voice tone, body language etc…) can make it difficult at times.

nonetheless, I’m happy to participate and give back to the community.
Much love to yall !


Grr! My internet connection is just up and down and up and down. I really can’t get anything done today as a result. I have to hope I hit “post” during a magic window where my WAN connection is working.

What I like is how you really broke the trick WAY DOWN into simpler elements, explained it really well through the fast text and an immediate example and then showed how it applies to the regular way to do the trick.

Very good job! Thank you!



actually I got lucky with the shoot

There was that vid out there that helped me understand something important for the trick, it’s a vid where the guy replaces the bottom finger with a dead yoyo.

you can see the yoyo going back & forth if you try it. and I think this motion is important to get the trick right.

it’s difficult to explain, because when you do the trick, you don’t really do this motion at all, but it kinda goes “within” the trick itself.

as I said, I was practicing boing e boing for some time without getting it, and suddenly it clicked, and I got the over/under move at the same time, all together, just like if it was the exact same thing.

I’m glad if this vid helps, maybe it’s a different point of view from other tutorials for the same trick. The fact that it focuses on the sideways version as well. But I’m not really a frontstyle guy, I should and I will get there someday, but for now, I play 99,9% side style. I’m not good enough yet to incorporate front style in my combos