I need help…just can not seem to get the motion

here’s a pretty extensive thread on this topic that might help.,40093.0.html

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go slow first, jut move your throw hand up and down slowly, it worked for me :stuck_out_tongue: i can make around 50 - 70 boing e boings :slight_smile: keep practicing, it took me a while …

try to get the pattern down by doing it without the string.

I find that the shorter the string the easier it is to do. I still can’t do it very well, but I can do about three boings with a short string and only one with a long one.

Don’t try to do really big boings right away, that’s what I did I couldn’t do it so I stared to do really small boings and now I can do it really well

I mastered it yesterday, now I can’t do it for some reason! I’m so mad!!!

The same thing happened to me. I realized when I couldn’t do it anymore I was starting to go too fast, and my ‘up and downs’ were too shallow. I was also going back and forth a bit, instead of straight up and down. Those three things are the key to getting a good boing.
A trick that worked for me was this: After I got into the front mount, I would press my throw hand elbow against my side, just below my ribs. I would curl my throw hand forefinger as if I was holding a gun and pulling the trigger. Then when I started the boing, my forearm acted like a lever, and my elbow was like a pivot point. This prevented the back and forth movement, and forced the up and down. It made a huge difference for me, as the movement felt more natural.
Hope this helps, but if you have had it before, it will come back. When it does, just do it 100 times so you don’t forget the movement!
I can do a video if it would help

Yeah, a video would be very helpful. Thanks for the tip!

This might sound very weird, but if you’re advanced enough, go look at the “Over-Under Boing-E-Boing” video. For some reason, learning the Over-Under before the original Boing-E-Boing helped me get the motion and timing down correctly.

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