Having lots of trouble getting the Boingy boing motion down. Any tips?


P,ease help! ???


Boingy going is super hard, I can’t even do it :P. To be fair, one day, I could do it perfectly, then I never could again… I think you just need to practice the movement of the trick, dont really know what else to say.


This helped me a lot when I was trying to think it through. Keep at it… You WILL figure it out

Whoops forgot the link :wink:


This isn’t a trick you learn really… You just need to understand the motion and know how to doit andone day it will just click. That’s how it was for me and a lot of others. Something that helps though is todo the motion slowly at first.


You know the first part of Split the Atom? Do that, then do it backwards, then do it again… That helps you get the motion down. Then, for the actual Boingy boing, keep your top hand still, and only move your bottom hand.


Other way around… Ive never seen anyone do boings with their bottom hand :stuck_out_tongue:


No, the top hand shouldn’t move.


You need to check out andres tutorial and every other video with boingy boing in it… http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/037-advanced-boing-e-boing.html


No. Top hand don’t move. For me at least.


You need to hold the bottom hand still, and lift with your top hand rhythmically. If you move your bottom hand, you aren’t really boing-yboing-ing it


I beg to differ.


I use my top hand, but I guess it doesn’t matter.


Hmm… I guess I’m the only one who uses their bottom hand.


It’s originally done with the top hand. Can you do any variations of the trick? like over under, takashi boings, etc.?
If it works for you, by all means go for it. I’m just really curious how it looks.


the thing that helped me get the motion down was getting into the beginning of mach 5… and then get the rhythm that you need down, and the yoyo will never come out.


One thing that helped me was stop looking at the yoyo. Look at your top hand, if that’s the one you are moving, make sure it is moving straight up and down in even motions.


have you watch ian poh’s video?


To get the first “boing” use the momentum that you get when you first go into split bottom mount, and go from there. Test out different speeds of pulling up and down with your throwhand and try to get a rythym going. Eventually you should be able to get it.


Still nothing guys


It’s one of those tricks that just kinda… clicks. Just keep practicing.