Boingy boing

hey guys,
I am working on the trick boingy boing but I can only do it very small and not very fast, are there any secrets to it that make it easier?


Not to sound harsh but there are at least 12 more posts exactly like this, please use the search bar allways before posting a new topic…they kinda clutter up the forums.

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This video helped me out a lot:

ok srry about that :stuck_out_tongue:

thats what i did wrong… i forgot to busta move!

to get it right, like really right, there’s only one secret: practice, and then some more

it’ll come

practice it sideways (from the trapeze or the brother), works better for me, I can do it sideways, over/under no problem, but frontstyle is just not the same.

a good way to practice it is also from the wrist mount

Thanks for the help ive had a hard time on this trick and couldn’t seem to land it.

Umm, necro?