Bangers and the Talent show (Another one of these threads)

What are your favorite bangers?

I mostly ask because I’m doing the talent show and it’s worth knowing more of these when performing.

I will be doing the leg wrap trap, finger spins, that trick Palli does when he throws the yoyo sideways and feeds the string into the gap of the yoyo.

What are your favorite and worthy to learn bangers(AKA super flashy tricks)?

For example, I’m learning this one:

Below is an awesome banger created by forum member duskeye0221. Try it, if you dare!

WOW, thanks man. This will be awesome. I can learn it :smiley:

Boingy, ping pong, magic trick, knee bumps, goofy hops, hook, Brent stole, hat grinds, offstring, matador, fast skin the gerbil, insta bucket, bucket hops. Yup.

Thanks. A few were nice but I need more advanced bangers. The guy up there was a perfect example. Something that’s just awesome.

Everything that he mentioned is going to be WAYYYY impressive to yuggles.

It’s funny, I already have those written in my routine. Most of them. And I literally mean, most of them.

My wifi sucks and that video just stopped like a second in with him giving me the finger lol. When it comes to “banger” tricks. Realistically the average person is amazed when you throw a sleeper and walk the dog. I wouldn’t look too much into trying to over snazz your routine

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Huh, it’s good to hear that point of view.

I’m honestly not trying to be cynical but just remember that when people from the outside (yuggles as someone earlier stated) look at someone playing with a yoyo, if you get too complex then you will start to lose them and even though they will be amazed they won’t be able to really understand what is going on.

Look at the guys like Jason Lee, Guy Wright, Felix Avellana etc. When these guys throw they amaze everyone in the crowd and not just the yoyo gurus. You aren’t trying to score a bunch of points, you are trying to impress the average person in the crowd.

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Well, that is what I am trying to do.

I’m wanting to stray away from fast technical tricks and do more flashy stuff.

I just learned this as an example:

good stuff. I am a bigger guy so tricks like that don’t really work for me lol

I can’t find the video but this one kid for the first werrd banger contest wrapped a looped a string around each finger and suicided it.

My favorite I can do is Bottle rocket.