The People's Showdown

A project I’ve been working on for a while now. I wanted to give some players the opportunity to showcase some of their best tricks in a competitive format, online, and with a chance to win an actual prize. Cash money.
Shout out to all the great players for committing to this, and trying to make it someone we can build on in the future. Shout out to YoYoExpert, The Monthly Throw, Yo Yo Brothers, and G Squared YoYos for sponsoring the contest with cash!
Lastly this is going to come down to the community, you guys are going to be the ones picking the winner. Pool play coming next week, followed by bracket play for those that get out of pool play!

Sounds awesome!
Is the focus going to be on a specific type of yoyo trick, i.e bangers, tech, horizontal/fingerspin tricks?

That will be up to you as the voter. the player will be showing off tricks under 30 seconds.

what is bangers?

You don’t know what bangers are?! How can you?! ;D Kidding. Bangers are really showy tricks designed to get the crowd going. Google Even Nageos worlds routine and you’ll see what I mean. About 60 percent of the tricks there are bangers:

Tricks you wouldn’t do in your living room because you’d probably break something… usually…