I hear talk about “Banger” tricks and I’m not exactly sure what it means. Sorry for my noobishness

A showy move, or flashy bit in a routine, a trick you hope will impress the audience and judges alike.

I “crowd-pleaser.” My fav is Quentin Godet’s Super Saiyan Bind.

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Read this.  It’s interesting.

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Was this in EYYC2015?

His ending trick

A “Banger” is a lot of things.  It’s big, usually new or ultra creative, can be difficult, flashy, will get a reaction out of anyone, not a combo and most important it has to be NASTY.


Sounds like you need to red the yoyoers dictionary

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And here I thought bangers were a Brit breakfast sausage…


I watched this just before I made this thread

You are correct sir! It’s just what we call sausages, especially them big fat ones.

Bangers and mash! Wheeeeeey!

That looks soo gooooood

Bangers are tricks that have surprise element, it can be one “bang” trick or it can be some surpising tricks done in certain sequence, which then left the audience amazed of what just have happened.

In short, bangers are tricks that will make you go like…

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^ Oh snap! JonRob just posted in here! I’m going to have to link stuff like that more often. ;D

I used to drive a 4 Banger, does that count?

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I never heard of the sausage thing.  I always could figure out what it meant, because where I’m from, a “banger” was always used to describe a hot song.  A hit song that you could dance to, that always got people excited at the club, was always called a “banger.”  So, when I heard it in yo-yo, a trick called a banger could only be a really nice trick that got the same excited reaction as the song.  That term has been used in the music industry for many years, way back.  A banger would have a good beat, with some bass.  I’m heavily into music, so I thought I’d share that one.

I also heard of a gang"banger" too. But I won’t go into all that. If you’re a banger, you are “killin’ em,” for sure.  You get the point.  :smiley:

Those mashed potatoes!  I like a little butter and garlic.

A banger is when your yoyo makes a nice loud sound. #TrueStory

(See Brandon Vu’s Yoyoers Dictionary for more concise terms)

so…everything Ky Zizan does? :o :o :o :o

Its when you ding your yoyo and it flies into the audience (Judges love it TRY IT)

Especially at Worlds when you use a Draupnir and it flings away, breaking the string