What is a "banger"?

Just as the title says. Ive heard it used in yoyoing and was wondering what it was

Basically a really showy move, usually not a whole combo, just that one part that makes the crowd go crazy. For example, Harold Owen The Third’s palm bind, Iori Yamaki’s horizontal whip bind, Jensen Kimmitt’s eli hop jump, etc…

Yeah, it’s generally just a really flashy trick.

I really amazing trick.

A really short awesome trick Like ben condes crazy under the leg 4A bind

It’s just a flashy trick that gets a crowd going.

And now here’s the real definition… One of my tricks. Just kidding, a trick that looks hard(er than it is).

It’s not really about difficulty. Bangers CAN only appear difficult (without being hard) but can also ACTUALLY be difficult! But to be a “banger”, the trick should be flashy and have some sort of “wow” factor. The “wow” can be difficulty level, uniqueness, stylish execution… some sort of surprise for the audience in one way or another.

And for it to be “surprising”, a banger is generally (always?) a short trick or element. Long difficult combos are not bangers, for example.

A really flashy trick, usually pretty short.

Might add that it’s usually a very difficult or risky trick also.

Looks like the definition for most people is “a flashy trick.”

Not necesarily. A lot of bangers I’ve seen aren’t really that much harder than other tricks.

Just a huge, like most people are saying, flashy trick that would just make a crowd’s jaws drop. Something that wows them. It usually involves a fair amount of risk or body movement. It can sometimes be pretty difficult, but doesn’t have to be.