How long does it take t get good?

I have been yoying for almost a month now and am in the advanced and expert section. Im currently trying to perfect my one and a half mount and working on my matrix into cold fusion twist (with some other elements). Am i making good progress? Thanks!

Depends what you meant by “good.”

Just do it for the enjoyment of it :slight_smile:


“Good” is a very subjective word. People tell me “Wow you’re good!” and “You should compete”. I’m nowhere near competition grade, neither do I think I will compete. I throw for fun and enjoy seeing people enjoying watching what I can pull off, hopefully sparking their interest in getting into this hobby.

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If you have fun with it you will likely progress at a fair rate. Once you start practicing to get good and not for fun it becomes a chore and you will progress slowly. Do not worry about getting good, there is no rush.

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That’s like asking “How high is up”?


I’ve been yoyoing for 3 months now and I’m working on the Advanced Part 2 section… Am I good? I wouldn’t think so. But let me tell you this. Yesterday I show Gentry my double or nothing. Now that’s a pretty easy trick, but because I’ve practiced it so much and got it down so smooth, he was surprised to see how smooth I had it at only 3 months. It’s not so much how many tricks you can do. It’s how well can you do them, how good and smooth can you make them look. If you can do something smooth and look good. It doesn’t matter if its an easy or difficult trick. It’ll still amaze people. So my suggestion to you would be, take your time. Practice what you already know now and get them down smooth and with ease. Once you’ve felt like your consistent with the tricks you know, than move onward. Your only as good as how well you can present a trick. This is just my thoughts. Hope it helped


That high

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Agreed, good is how you well you present a trick. One can do boingy boing and it works…but looks sloppy. One can then do boingy boing and add a little extra flair to it and execute it all in a nice fluid motion and it will look good. Basically, I’d honestly say, “Good” all lies in presentation.

Why I bring up Boingy Boing? My brother learned that trick in a few days after I showed him Andre’s tutorial. Months later I figured it out. But when I did, mine actually looked much cleaner than how my brother pulled it off (sorry brother!). From there I decided to add some extra rolls, and even go from a Zipper into Boingy Boing…and all of that happened in just a few days after nailing the trick/finding that rhythm.

Just take your time. Half the fun is learning and watching yourself get better at a trick and finally nailing it after weeks of practice.

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Don’t try to “get good.” Just play for enjoyment and trust that you’ll eventually be quite good if you keep at it.

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I didn’t feel like I was a good yoyoer until I went to worlds and Nationals 2013, when people came up to me and asked me to perform some of my tricks from my videos for them. Sponsored players I’d never talked to asked to see my tricks. It felt so unreal, and at that point I was yoyoing for a little over 3.5 years. That’s when I felt I was alright at this yoyo business, and I’ll probably only ever feel alright ar yoyo. There are so many more people that are better than me that a little recognition in no way will ever get to my head.

I’ll tell you when I get there.

It depends on who you’re trying to appear good to. In my experience, all you have to do is showcase a couple tricks from even just the intermediate section here for the average person who’s going to know either nothing or next to nothing about yoyoing and they’re pretty much ready to burn you at the stake for practicing witchcraft.

^ Quoting myself, inception style.

The amount of time that has elapsed isn’t what’s important, the amount of time you’ve spent practicing is.

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