when does school start for you? and whats your GPA?

for those the question applies to! i start august 27, so i wont be on the forums as much :frowning: also whats you grade point average?

i get 3.6 most of the time (im in middle school, so its out of 4)

September 4, and what’s a GPA?

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School started Wednesday for me. My last GPA was like 3.7 or something.

Grade Point Average.

Oh, ok, I would guess mine to be around 3.4 then.

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I think school starts the 27th, damn 10 days… My GPA is perfect so far! 4.0 all the way!

good job man!

Just started attenting the Norwegian University of Science and Technology this week. Been a very slow start this far. First time living in an actual city, still trying to get used to it. Life is pretty much perfect right now, all I need now is to get into the student men’s choir and I’m set.

august 20, 2013.
I’m not going anywhere this year due to financial problems. but next year I’m going to purdue university.
my gpa in highschool was a 3.6 unweighted

School starts 27th for me…
Gpa is like 3.999999
Stupid band teacher…

What math are you guys doing? Lexile score? I dunno how many people use the lexile score…

mine started yesterday, my GPA this year… I’m shootin’ for a 4.0.

tomorrow. Got a 4.0 so far.

School for me starts on the 26th, and I have about a 3.5 gpa

Next month, and 3.9 if I’m not mistaken. Also, the GPA part people may be embarrassed to share just saying.

Well I’m in college (second year starting soon) and I didn’t do that well my first semester but last semester i got a 3.67 GPA and that’s Deans List (basically honor roll for college). My Overall GPA is 3.04 which isn’t that bad.

I don’t really know what my GPA is, really good though. :stuck_out_tongue: