school tommorow!!!!!

wow i cant belive school starts tommorow/ well for me and lots of other school districts.
im movin up to high school which should be awesome, i hope there are some yoyoers in this high school, that wouldd make this school year alot better… who here starts tommorow and what grade u going into

I start Tuesday. Going into 8th grade. We usually start after labor day, but this year we are starting earlier.

I start tommorow!

I started last week on monday :confused:
went into 12th grade.

Starting tomorrow, looking forward to it.

Going into my 13th year of school. Lots of music subjects this year, going to be tons of fun.

God… My family gets to stay in hawaii for 3 more days while I have to come home early for school. Fml


i started on the 18th, goin into my first year of high school ;D

You guys make me miss school.

It’s funny how you hate something so much until it’s over. Then you miss it so much.

I know. I kind of like school it is a chance to see your friends.

I started a couple weeks ago and there are no yoyoers still i just went to 8th grade and i am hoping to start a yoyoing club and ideas???

got one more week till i move in to my first year of college

Mine starts in September. Hahahah!! I’m going to 7th grade.

My school starts in a week. Going into 8th grade. Farmington sucks.

School just starting?
The school of hard knocks never has a day off. :wink:

Going next week. I’m going to Middle, (Yeah I’m only eleven) and I got to go inside today. It was pretty clean, and a nice bump up from elementary. in alaska started tuesday.

true that my man, i graduated last year and it sucks i cant go to school, now i start college tomorrow :frowning:

Starting College is a bad thing?

I’m going to school soon to further my welding career… bleh… been welding for like 6 years now…