In school and bored

who, at this minute is in school and on YYE?

_* _

cool 8)

silently raises hand

i am… but the count down begins… a little less than 4 months and i never have to sit in a classroom again ;D

any other senior yoyo-ists?

WOOOO!!! Go class of 2011!

yes I am a senior, and I am bored in school

I was just on today… Should’ve seen this thread. Go class of 2011! :smiley:

Does 8th grade count???

And then the fun begins. I guess… :wink:

When i finish high school ill be doing Eli Hops on the way out lol

eli hops are a joyful crowd pleaser… i think ill join you

sorry… eighth grade does not count because you will go to skool next year, and you will feel like its the same thing every day… terrifying i know, but it will make your graduation much sweeter…

whats your day… im out on may 28, in a car bound for florida 8)

may 28th??? i dont get out till midjune…

Haha I knew it! :smiley:

In Aus the grades are different im in year 9 which is high school lol

thats the same as here in USA…

Yep, so here I am… Bored at school…

no school today!

unfortunately, volleyball practice still can be on a holiday. so i will be at school today :frowning:
and every other day until 6… or 7 on mondays because of jazz band.

but i am going to portland at least on thursday. cant practice there

i am a “wise fool”

Huzzah, even Wisconsin has no school.

No school for Alaska either! WOO!!!