Last day of high school!

Today is my last day of high school classes ever! So far the best thing that has happened today was when a bunch of us seniors went into the parking lot and covered the principals car with plastic wrap and sticky notes. Then during 3rd period all of the seniors gathered on the football field to hang out and have a sort-of-barbecue, which was nice. Overall it has been a good day. I have one final exam to take tomorrow morning and then I can say goodbye to high school! ;D

that was a stupid thing to do

not to be rude, but you can get put in jail. i wish 8th grade was over already…

GO 2011!!! quick question tho… when you get your diploma, would you plan on doing eli hops off the stage… this was discussed a few months ago… i think i will

I hope your principle has a sense of humor… But I’m sure the majority of people wouldn’t care. I would kind of like to have my car covered in plastic wrap and sticky notes. There is the odd person though, so please tell me you had some kind of common sense, even if it was just a small vague scrap of it.

oh how i love hanging with seniors and juniors… the days of saran wrapping this kids truck and putting cheese on his windsheild on the kid that tried to fight my bros friend hehe
going to hooters and causing a ruckus, hehe
getting chased around by a state champion wrestler with a peice of really hard plastick (which he wit me with like 40 times)
getting my bros subs installed and falling off the top ofhis truck when i was somewhat boozed up
god how im going to miss them when im in 8th grade…

Really? That was a completely unnecessary and immature thing to do.
I hope your teacher finds out you guys did it and presses charges.
Thats the kind of behavior I expect of a freshman, but a graduate?
Grow up, its time to act your age.

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Well guys it depends for the person like what yoyofoot said. If it was my English teacher he would laugh at it and it would be one of his most memorable moments. But if it’s a serious person… you already know what to do.

but its probably the last time u’ll hav fun like this with ur friends…time to be sober

Sounds like fun, I still have two more torturous weeks :’(

To be honest, that wasn’t as bad as our senior prank. Since this is Alaska, we decided to do something Alaska themed. About a dozen kids got together, and, no idea how they did it, coaxed a moose into the principal’s office. That section of the school was closed for most of the day as the scared security guards tried to open the doors and make it leave. Took 4 hrs. Good times :slight_smile: Made a moring last day into a super fun one. That, and it was only a half day for senior (on the 6th ;)), and I drove anyway. I’m gonna miss high school. Good times, good times indeed ;D

PAGE, you do realize that moose are dangerous right?
What if someone got seriously hurt or KILLED?
Ever think about that?
I know Moose and they can be very tempermental if provoked or put in a situation where they feel stressed.
Some prank that would be huh, someone getting seriously hurt, you and your friends being put in jail, fun huh.

calm down josh, calm down.

we love moose!!!.. im sorry but that is a rotflol story

Geez… Did you bother to read it? You’re making it sound like it was my fault. I had nothing to do with it, I was just at school. Plus, you’ve apparently never seen the moose up here. I’ve literally walked into one during the pitch black mornings of AK. Go troll some other thread

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Im just saying, I have personally seen a moose go after someone at the national parks around here, and they can be very viscious, So many reports of moose seriously hurting people, You can’t treat em like that, just saying.
No trolling here, so no, I wont go trolling a thread, haha.

stop. now.


(to lazy to grab the wolflol)

We did no pranks… Just graduated. Although we get to do the senior run. At the end of our day, we gather in the commons and get to run through the school banging on lockers and doors. If any teacher forgets to lock their door, we are allowed to go in. So I went though the Spanish room sliding desks with kids in them. One poor Junior was even caught in the hallway by our Senior class. Which is not that horrible because there are only 51 of us.

Josh, you keeep aying how immature peaople are. But some peaople like to have FUN in life and ENJOY the good times

Only thing I remember was in my sophmore year a chicken was let loose in the hallway. I was in Biology,and then I was like :o IS DAT A CHEEKEN!