Homework, anyone?

Any of you guys in the same boat as me with homework over the long weekend? Luckily all I have to do is write an essay about (what else?) yoyos!

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How old are you to be allowed to write an essay about yoyos?
Because I’m in an early honors government class, I have to read and compare/contrast the Declaration of Independence and the South Carolina Treaty of Secession and write a three page paper on it. As well as read 182 pages in about 7 days.

Honestly my hardest homework for the weekend is research and take a green and sustainable design and incorporate it in my revit(architecture software) library, for PLTW Cival Engineer and Architecture.

I wrote a few several page essays on yoyos, as well as did my final presentation on them, in my ap english class senior year of highschool. You’re never too old to write about yoyos. :wink:

Cool, sounds like fun!!

And the class is a ton of fun, but I’m not great at math its my weakest point so I get swamped but I can do the computer stuff pretty well.

Also what I find interesting the physics class in my school have to do a presentation about something related to physics, and yoyos are an option so my friend is having me perform in the back of class when he presents how they work and all physics along with it.

Your talking front and center about having homework over the weekend! The school system I go to finds its the perfect time for just 2 hours of homework for the night.

How does that work?

I don’t know but they believe weekends are more or less time to have kids do nothing but homework. And the weird thing is the teachers allow it!

I have to write an essay about the fall of Rome over the next 2 weeks.

And who do you suppose sets the policy? :wink:

wait, you’re complaining that you have 2 hours of homework? I don’t remember the last time that’s all I had.

Luckily, due to hard work during the school week, I have no homework this weekend, aside from watching a fifteen minute AP stats video.

This weekend is being well spent yoyoing.

Yeah, I had a lot of math during the week, and I had to read some of Annne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl, but I didn’t… So I guess I’ve gotta read a little…

Also what is nice is my high school does block scheduling. Which means there are 90 minute classes with 4 classes a day and they switch between two set days. for 1-4 is one day and 5-8 is the other. also what is nice during our 6th block class everyone has a study hall so you can get help with classes with teachers or friends

We have blocks as well,but everyone either has a study hall or not. I don’t have one,so having 8 classes sucks

It does, but I liked the way the study hall was where there were as much rules, and they made it much harder to get work done. The have the first 45 minutes “quite time” where nobody can move and have to work. then the second half the teachers get really busy and it is less productive

my study halls are ONLY 45 minutes, and I depend on them to read my weekly portions of Anne Frank.

I have no study hall.
My only difficult homework is Chinese and Geometry.

Chinese? Daaaannnggg, man! I only take one language: spanish! :0