How much total time do you spend on throwing each day on average?

Some days I throw for a total of 2 hours and some days I throw for a total of 4 hours. So about 3 hours average a day for me.

im a homeschooler and i have the time so its five hours per day for me easily…

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5 hours a day is a very impressive spare time to yoyo.

15-30 minutes a day is all I can do. I can not even imagine an hour of just yo-yo. It just goes to show that we all throw for our own reasons. Some want to be the best they can be, some, like myself, like the distraction and peace of mind it gives during a busy, hectic day.

I am homeschooled as well but I do not have anything crazy like 5 free hours a day (on average). I probably spend 30 minutes to 1.5 hours a day. During the summer it can get up to 4.5 hours though (maybe that happens 4 times in the summer).

And I side with yoyogeezer. It helps me escape from the world for a little bit. I do want to better myself as a yoyoer but that isnt what is most important to me. Finding out new tricks is just a by-product of the relaxation that yoyos give me.

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If I can throw an hour a day I have done well. Most of the time my practicing is for constancy and not for learning new tricks.

Sometimes less than five minutes, but probably an hour tops, and that’s rare. Work, errands, adult stuff, etc. enjoy it while you can, kids.

Anywhere between no yoyoing for a week or two all the way up to eight hours or so in a day if I’m hanging with yoyo people.

Combined, I probably spend about 2ish hours a day on yoyoing, but it’s gonna be less with spring semester coming up, but I manage about 15-20 minutes stints of straight yoyoing, so it’ll still be possible with my school schedule

This depends on how much time I have. Since I’m in high school, My average play time is 2-3.5 hours; daily. I also throw when I’m in school; i.e. between classes and on lunch. I spend my daily yoyo time learning new tricks, smoothing out my style; and just having fun:) :slight_smile:

I don’t really know. Maybe an hour or so total, maybe less. Sometimes I throw for a couple minutes while I’m starting my day or as a distraction between tasks but the majority of my play is after I’ve done everything I need to do for the day and I’m undwinding and watching TV. That usually lasts a few hours but I get bored and go online or have to take phone calls during that time pretty frequently too.

I’m homeschool but I live on a farm so I have soe farm stuff to do and I also like to play PC games and read these forums so of actual yoyoing time probably no more than an hour a day unless its yoyo night than like 3

10-25 mins for each period of the day I’m awake. I have a weird work schedule. Sometimes I go to bed at 8am or 5pm or even 3 in the morning. Days run together for me. So I measure my time in periods of rest and in periods of activeness. I average about 2.5 active periods per natural day, so I’d say I yoyo about 20-50 mins a day.

just a little bit every day.
when you’re a grown up with kids, there are so many variables. some days maybe a couple hours and some days just a few minutes. but i take time every day to throw. whether i’m trying to do something concrete or abstract, as meditation or exploration, i pretty much always get some good feeling out of throwing.

Due to a busy job and other duties, I am lucky if I get some down time to throw at all in a day!
Weekends I usually can get an hour or so combined.

Thanks to being DINK, I throw from the time I get off work until dinner and a bit after. So around 3 hours. I just started 3 months ago so it’s all a grind to learn new stuff. Right now I’m trying to get magic drops down.

I have “adult stuff” on the go, but I manage to find a relatively significant amount of time to yoyo. But it’s not like, “I’m going to dedicate myself to X minutes of practice” or anything like that. It’s more like this:

  • Throughout the workday, if I have occasion to talk to colleagues about work-related stuff, they’re all pretty accustomed to me just idly yoyoing. They’re not offended and for the most don’t see it as “unprofessional” or anything like that… the colleagues that are touchier, I don’t do it around. Generally, it’s just Greg being Greg. So I cobble together several sets of 2 minutes into the day for a total of 20 minutes or so of yoyoing while working. I love my workplace.

  • At home, if I’m talking to my wife, she’s completely accustomed to the yoyoing and barely even notices it. She knows that I can yoyo on “idle” and that she has my full attention, so there’s no friction there. As long as I use a quiet yoyo, I can also yoyo while we watch TV. So, wife-awake yoyo time? About 30 minutes a day combined.

  • At home, when my kids are awake… yeah, not so much with the yoyoing. There’s too much chase, hide, swordfight, Nerf war, Lego/Duplo, puzzles, and reading to be had. I tell you, it’s rough having to do all that playing instead of playing. :wink:

  • Out and about, I yoyo while in line for things, while walking from point A to point B (as long as it’s not too cold), and pretty much any time my hands would otherwise be idle. This all varies on how many errands I’m running and if my hands are full during those errands. Straight-up errands? Not usually much yoyo. But waiting in line I can put in a good 10-20 minutes! Even more if it’s at the DMV or a doctor’s office!

  • Then there’s this time at night when everyone is in bed. It’s just me. I split my time between yoyo and other hobbies. On a night that I really feel like yoyoing, I can put in anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half or so. Even though yoyo is probably my favourite passtime, I do spend enough time on non-yoyo personal interests that I doubt I’d muster more than that much, though. Let’s call it 45 minutes average.

That totals up to just under 2 hours average per day, mainly by having a yoyo with me all day and just busting it out whenever there’s an appropriate moment. As it turns out, pretty easy for me to find yoyo time even with “adult stuff”!

I’m in the same boat as Greg at work. Whenever I don’t have a class to teach, I’ll try to get in some throwing. Maybe half an hour a day there. But…

^^ This I cannot do. I’m completely incapable of conversing and throwing simultaneously. Single syllable words, maybe, but I have to stop throwing to answer my fiancée’s questions. She doesn’t mind if I’m throwing while we talk, I just know I can’t do it, because I have to concentrate. This is why I don’t yoyo and drive.

But all in all, total, I throw about 1 hour a day.

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Well, i ve always got a throw on me…

At work i have enough space in my cube to throw, and when im on job sites i will throw too.

EDIT: so just now on my lunch break…lady walking around offering left over doughnuts from a meeting, stopped and was blown away…insisted i let her take a video to show her daughter…first time ive been put on the spot like that…only missed one hit.

At home i may throw while watching TV with the wife for a while or while my step daughter is doing her homework. Both of them are pretty oblivious to it now.

so Id say i get about an hour a day on average

It’s not often that I actually lol when reading the boards. Thanks for this moment of awesomeness. May it sustain others throughout the day!

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