How often do you throw

How often do you yoyo? an hour a day? an hour a week? I probably throw an hour a day.

As much as possible.

Lately it’s been something like 2 to 5 hours a day.

I probably threw for about an hour and a half to two hours total yesterday, might do more today.

I throw at least an hour each day.

5 minutes here. 5 minutes there. That’s about how I keep track.

Usually an hour or so a day but with this broken wrist not so much… =C

I’d pretty much echo Q. It’s really hard lately to find long periods of time to spend throwing like I used to. Maybe the coming Summer will change that…


Depends on my mood. If I put on some music i can go for hours. But normally just putsing around with ideas every now and again. I try to take breaks to give myself fresh starts and not get into any grooves or ruts.

anywhere from 5 to 30 min a day… and those numbers are going down

Dude i take my case to work with me and throw on my lunch break. then when i get home ill throw about 2 hours, so 2 ta 3 hours a day. cant get anough of it.

lets count the hours…
all of homeroom=1 hour
2nd per: 1 hour
3rd per: 10 mins
4th per: 0 mins
lunch: 30 mins
5th per:10 mins
6th per:0 mins
7th per: 20 mins

3:00-5:00:2 hours
6:30- 10:30:about an hour during this time

about 6:10

I yoyo more than i thought. maybe thats why i need to sili again! its only been a few weeks :smiley:

like, two hours a day. I can never get my homework done cause I’m too busy throwing ;D

1 hour on the week days and about 3 to 4 hours on the weekend if i don’t have a afternoon baseball game.

Here and there…everywhere.

Yeah that!

a least 3 hours a day

Me too, most every day.

as much as I can, probably 2 to 7 hours/day depending if I’m working or have other stuff to do

Well, about -5h at school and <9000 hours at home.
To be more precise, about 2 hours at school and 4 hours at home.