How often do you yoyo per day?


Hey, how many hours/minutes do you guys yoyo per day? For me, its about… Like 3 to maybe around 5 1/2 hours per day. Im not always learning tricks, I should be, but im usually making up combos, what do you do usually? Make up tricks or combos, or do you learn different tricks?


an hour or two a day, I’m usually making up my own tricks/combos but I find myself running out of ideas for mounts. Thats when I go lookin’ for inspiration :smiley:


It really depends on the day for me. Sometimes I’ll yoyo the whole day, other times I might go weeks without picking one up. Today was more so a case of my arm getting tired from hundreds of failed laceration attempts. I have a problem where I don’t make up tricks or combos, I just zone out and keep doing the same old tricks over and over for hours on end.


Lol same here!


Me too… I really need ti watch and steal tricks ;D

And… 3 hours a day


I always have one (or2…or 3) on me, but actually throwing? I’d say 3-6 hous (on a good day!)


Usually 3-8 hours


It varies.

I will do 2A work on the walking to and from the kid’s school, so twice a day, maybe 10 minutes each way max. My walk has slowed recently but will speed up again. BUT: school is getting out in a few days so I expect that to go away.

At the school, it depends on the time I get there and the bell, so it can be 10-12 minutes of doing 1A, so maybe 25 minutes a day total(drop off, then pick-up).

After that, it depends on the day. I’m currently having some issues with motivation to learn new stuff so I’m stalled, but that’s OK. I’m just smoothing out what I know.


not much. its probably like 10 minutes total every other month. i havent touched a throw in like 3 weeks


Lately I’ve been throwing like 1-3 hours a day. I don’t have work or school since it’s summer (I work in a school district), so I have a lot more free time than usual.

During the rest of the year when work and school are both in full swing, I get maybe an hour of throwing in. Sometimes less depending if I have work and class on the same day.


Usually 20 mins, but about an hour in the summer. I usually throw when nobody is home. We have a sonos which is a speaker, and I just turn it up and throw. I cant really throw without music.


Too much.


An easier question would e how often dont you throw.


Well I throw about maybe 15 minutes on an average day. Some a few hours, and some not at all.


Where do you guys find 3-8 hours to throw a day?! Even for a kid in the summer time I was working… That’s nuts!


About an hour every day. Depends on how inspired I am to make up a new trick.


Even on my busiest days, I’ve been able to make time to throw. One time I got up at 3 in the morning just to yoyo (right now, actually). So anywhere from 2-9 hours a day.

What?!?! I don’t have a problem!! You’re the one with the problem!!


I actually got into yoyoing while working the overnight shift at a call center. I would end up putting in anywhere between 2.5 to 6 hours of yoyoing while taking calls. and that was just at work, I would maybe throw for another 45 minutes to an hour and half when NOT at work. That lasted for about 3 years or so.

I took a really really long break from throwing, thanks to life, work, kids, etc. Just got back into it around Easter time thanks to my kids, so now its anywhere between 20 minutes to 2 hours a day. If I am working on a trick its higher, if I am just messing around, its less.


Hmm…I really just kinda throw when I feel like it…which is a lot…maybe 1 to 3 hours? IDK, it might be more…


On school days I probably yoyo for about 3 hours. On free days, up to 6. I don’t really have too many other activities or responsibilities, so yoyo is pretty much life.