How many times do you throw a yoyo a day?

about 30 ;D how about you

idk. a lot. But my sleep time is still pretty mediocre

Quite a few. Usually I’ll throw for 10 minutes before school, maybe for another 10 after I get home, take a 20 minute break while doing homework, half an hour before bed, and occasionally between all of that when forum activity is low.

So many I physically throw the yoyo 50-100 times a day. I’ve never been a guy who can throw hours on end.

no quota.
depends on what i’m playing. way more throws if i take a woody with me than a ronin.
if i had to guess, i bet 25 is reasonable.
i haven’t ‘not’ played yo-yo over a day in years.

I’ve never really counted… but I dunno, I’d guess like 50+ times for 1a?
then if you count 2a, that number would be ridiculous. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know how many times I throw a day but time wise:

-10 minutes before school
-20 minutes added up of time yoyo’d between classes
-45 minutes after school
-1 hour after dinner/after homework

So yeah, a lot. But that is only on weekdays, because I’m not allowed to watch TV Monday-Thursday. On weekends, I probably only yoyo 1 hr a day.

How many times? That’s hard… umm… 15 or so minutes before work, an hour or two at buggy before bed between forum posts and my skatepark session. Prolly over a hundred at least


Not enough.

I’m lucky to get an hour a week right now. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m getting “new” and “new to me stuff” in right now that I need to check out as thoroughly as I can, I’d not be throwing at all right now. It’s frustrating for me because I’m new to this, I want to learn, I want to progress and I want to improve.

Ideally, I’d like 30 minutes a day. No doubt some days I’d want more, some days less, but 30 minutes would be good.

somewhere between 3-6 hours a day

'bout 250-300 times a day?

20, maybe…when i smoke, when i wait for the elevator, when i wait for the bus, when i wait for the crosswalk, when i’m in line at any establishment, etc.



10-15 something like that on a normal day. But it can go way up or way down depending on what I have planned.

Never counted, but i am sure it is in the hundreds of times a day.

Wait are we talking about the action of throwing the yoyo down or picking it up and yoyoing for a while?

If it’s the action of throwing a yoyo it’s like 60-70 on a normal day.

-10 min before school
-1-1.5 off and on

once. but my yoyo spins forever so i dont thave to ever bring it back up :wink: but seriously i throw for hours on end. I dont to anything else, excluding h.w.

I think its the action of throwing

i couldn’t guess how many times i actually throw. but i have had one in my hand all over campus recently. still getting the hang of it really so mainly just throwing my old school butterfly so i look like i know what im doing :wink: yeah, im “that” guy