How much do you use your yoyo a day?

So, on average, how many hours a day do you throw?

About 2-3 hours a day along with studying for my senior year subjects at school
I need to lessen this and focus on school more haha

How many do you nightshadow?

Well, I’m a young and carefree middle schooler so I have enough time to do it 5-6 hours a day. I’m getting all I can in before I get a lot of homework in high school:)

As a sophomore involved in a bunch of extracurricular stuff, I try to get anywhere between 1/2-1 hour in when I can

I usauly only throw for like an hour a day I have more free time then that but I like to play video games as well.

Dang, I wish I had gotten into throwing earlier. These days I get in about an hour max, usually in bits and pieces during study breaks. When I’m done with homework it is usually about midnight and I am too tired to throw.

Half an hour to an hour a day

Less than an hour for sure. I don’t pick up a yoyo most days.

High Schools not much different or harder until you get into the AP classes or calc and stuff like that.

But College is another story :smiley:

An hour or 2 most days, sometimes I don’t have time to though.

Too busy with school, I get like maybe 20 mins max on a week day :stuck_out_tongue: but maybe like an hour on weekends

Around one hour if my schedule busy for that day. If I have a day off I try to get at least 4 hours of yo in.

Whenever I’m not yoyoing, I’m yoyoing.

Hard to estimate, because it’s piecemeal - thirty seconds here here, ten minutes there. Probably somewhere between 0:45 and 1:30 on average.

Yeah, my mother gets angry at me for yoyoing to much:(

I used to yoyo a lot few years ago… now I just play in the mood, sometimes 1-2 hours in a good mood, sometimes no yoyo at all for a few days/weeks.
Lately, I think I spent more time thinking about yoyos than actually playing it, hence why I’m here.

Around 2 hours while watching TV at night.
A half hour here and there between other things.
Occasionally if there is something particularly vexing, maybe another hour dedicated to it.

Not that i’m in college but if you get your work done relatively quickly I would assume you’d have plenty of time.

Like 10 min…
Just found out that I have mono, and I sleep 12+ hours a day

Hard to say. I usually end the day with a few hours of fine, now legal, herbage and playing. 2-3 hours there.
I also always have a yoyo with me at work, which is now a gas station most of the time, so lots of downtime there. Ten minute time killers throughout the day.