I'm finally leaving for a bit...

You all probably saw the title, and said “FINALLY!!! YESSS!”

But it’s true, as soon as I make a string deal with Sky High Yo, I’m off the forums.

I spend a bit too much time on the forms, mainly because I just flat out like to do it, I would do it all day.

So I’m going to leave for a while, after I make a deal like I said. The only reason in I’m so much is because its on my Ipod Touch, and for some reason I don’t play any games, just the forum.

Another reason is, after I finish school I sit on my iPod posting.

When I could finish the school work due. Instead I sit here.

So I’m going to deal with SHY then delete the app so I don’t use it. Then hopefully I will just relive the annoyance I’ve been causing, and finish a LOT more school work.

But I’m also in the meantime going to produce as many strings possible. So when I come back buy some string!!!

Well, I’m off (after the deal) for now!

I got 47 days online, and I have mostly good grades :wink: Do what you want though, and although terribly boring, school comes first I guess.

Woah just realized skyhighyo is abbreviated shy :smiley:

Lol your gunna go through withdrawals and relapse hahahahaa :stuck_out_tongue:

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He’s not going to make it through the first day lol

lolololololol rightt

he’ll be back within a week, scrolling, trolling… Haha, joking.

Good luck with your schooling Bud!

Theres no need for him to leave tho, he should learn to balance his priorities out instead of not fixing the initial problem. (Not bashin)

Lol, me too.

Peace BC. Do what you gotta do. If the forum brings you down, dont stay there. Climb that mountain back up to the top in whatever way is needed

He has like 1 day and 5 hours on line.
I knew it wasn’t the online predators. He is just on the forum too much.

Just so you guys know- I have all A’s…

It’s just I have a class every Tuesday, a different one from normal school (writing papers ect) and we are doing a big re search paper. I have a LOT I have to do. I could have done most of it last week but I didn’t so I’m just going to take a few weeks off till i get all this homework with this class OVA with :).

So it’s not all school, I have good grades, I just need to write a 5-10 page research paper before Friday… So I got to work!!!

food luck lil buddy

Seeya later, today.

I wrote a 6 page research paper, made 6 notecard citations and 50 single-point note cards in roughly 6-7 hours. Just stay up late one night and pull this thing off.

Almost done with my paper!!! So far so good…

5 page research paper…

That’s cute buddy.

::slight_smile: Thank you ::slight_smile:


Looks like you arent leaving :confused:

Like a boomerang.