See Ya

Bye guys, I am leaving the forum so I can yoyo more. This year school is challenging and I would rather spend my little free time yoyoing. You guys are all amazing and I hope to see you at nats and other contests. See you then

We’ll save yer spot. See ya around.

will you be at this years nats?

yes. Now I think it’s pretty funny how I just said I was leaving and now I am posting again. But yeah, I will be at nats, as well as lurking every few weeks or so

You won’t be gone long…

Yea this forum is far to addicting

See ya!

I’m going to leave for a bit too. I’ll be back after lunch. Bye

Its all about self control man. You could spend 10 min a day on here and read / respond to all the new posts. Good for you tho, more time to throw is never a bad thing.

I’ve been there, man. And then I came back the next week.

I’m leaving too. I promised my girl that if she painted the house that I would do the dishes. It’s a two story house and I won’t let her use my ladder because it’s too valuable. So she’s using a paintbrush and a pogo stick. Every time she jumps high enough she tries to paint the trim boards. Unfortunately she has a fear of heights and every time she gets high enough to paint the trim boards she screams and falls back down. At this rate I calculate it will take her 14 years to paint the house. So I figure at the very least I can do is to wash the dishes. And since there’s a saucepan 1 cereal bowl and two coffee cups I feel that I don’t have the extra time to wash the dishes and come to the forum. So I look forward to seeing all you guys at the intergalactic yoyo championships in 2028. But if I get past the dishwashing challenge I’ll prolly be back in 10 minutes miss you all farewell.

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Hmmm…I believe my wife would blacken both eyes if she tried to paint the house in that manner. :wink:

I assume you mean both of you eyes

I came to that conclusion as well

No…I meant her eyes :o

I know but any woman in her right mind would blacken your eyes as well.

Well then that would put YOU up at the front of the line wouldn’t it?

Bump so much for leaving the forums…