Goodbye to all

(Zakai) #1

I’ll be taking permanent leave here from now on. I’d like to thank the kind people who welcomed me here. I realize that there are other things I need to focus on.


Cheers, hopefully yo-yo is one of those things! Keep making stuff!


Oh. :slightly_frowning_face:

(Choncworth) #4


(Mk1 Yoyos) #5

Catch you on the flip side!




Adios amigo= goodbye friend

(Evan Landreneau) #8

Goodbye. I hope life serves you well.


We will keep your spirit alive…

(Giovanni) #10

Didn’t know you but goodbye <3


Sorry to see you go.

(Joshua) #15

We will be here when and if you come back, holding it down.:call_me_hand:

(Joshua) #16

I’m new, but I’m here. :raised_hands:


Tough crowd!! :pleading_face:

({John15}) #26


(Choncworth) #30





I could get the “see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya” attitude if this was a person who brought a lot of drama to the site? However, I don’t find that to be true in this case, and there’s very few drama originators here at the moment, basically none?


(ChrisFrancz) #39

JMaybe he has to care for a sick family member, maybe he is sick, maybe he has to focus on school work. He said goodbye and got blasted by a lot of people. If you say goodbye to people on this forum this is what you get. People like you when you’re here but if you politely say goodbye because life has called you to a place where yoyos are not a priority you see how very little people actually thought of you. It was nice that he said goodbye and did not just disappear as some people stated they wish he did. What if he changed his mind and came back and saw some of these replies? I’d cry if I was him. All of this was taking place at the same time as a topic was started about how nice yoyoers are. C’mon, people. Let’s be nice to each other and spread a little love around.
@AndreBoulay @codinghorror @YoYoExpertGarrett @vegabomb

Edit: I see the negativity has been removed. Thank you. Let’s care for our wounded and not shoot them.

({John15}) #40

Word. I’m with you on this.

Bye @ZaYoBoy , hope you keep throwing, or at least come back to it in the future.


Exactly. Thank you admins for removing it