Bye everybody!

IT’S NO BIG DEAL, THIS POST WASN’T SUPPOSED TO GAIN MOTION. So this means I will probably delete this topic. (but I got a badge from it : P)


Hope all is ok buddy!

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Oh, it’s nothing serious. I just might not be on this platform as much.

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You weren’t with us for long but sorry to see you go?

What is your favorite yo-yo?

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My favorite yo-yo is a bimetal one.

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Turtles always remind me of this cover…


For so many years now, I’ve seen these ‘Swan Songs’.

I just recently joined and now I’m leaving. I really felt connected here, etc… But I probably won’t ever touch this website again(for reasons untold)…

…I liked it here but I’m going away fo-eva…. Blah, blah….

Kinda like a guy gets a girlfriend and they go out on several dates. They have fun and seem to get along pretty good. Then one day the guy tells the girl, ‘I like you and stuff, but I won’t be asking you out anymore for reasons untold…. But, you can text me and/or email me and/or voice message me> because I May just see it🤓

So, the people on this forum that maybe never liked you aren’t gonna care anyway.

And the people on this forum that have interacted with you are going to wonder if they said/did something to upset you enough to leave or?

And if you have a problem you might care to share with us or somebody on this forum, you may actually get some help sorting stuff out?

Or option 4, the one you chose. Just post up that you may never be back, even though you liked it here …… and just be another ‘Dust in the Wind’…

One mission as we go through life, is to find doors to open that let in some light. Open as many doors as you can. When you find the light, always try to keep those doors open.

The more light in your life, the brighter your future because you can see where you are going…

Don’t close doors for no good reason. You may end up without enough light to see what’s next.

…You can leave a forum without saying farewell. Just leave. And leave that door open. Then, you have the option of coming back without any explanation or drama.

Regardless, good luck in whatever you choose to do.



Quote, Unquote! @yoyodoc


Might explain the behavior somewhat

Nah, it has nothing to do with my age, I’m just losing interest in this site. (I’m a teen btw)


I think it has everything to do with your age. (Most) Adults dont make posts anouncing their departure from forums. Good luck on your adventures, if you decide to come back there will be a friendly community waiting here.


I thought you meant i was leaving because of my age.

4/5 of the “relataed topics” are the exact same thing, and I’m sure there’s tons more

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Yo-yos are made for ups and downs, rights, lefts and side ways of life. Whatever this that has pulled you away from yo-yo hope it is positive for you in your life.

See you when you return back to yo-yo.

Everyone have a great rest of the weekend


Some rise
Some fall
Some climb
To get to Terrrraaapinnnn


I’m not quitting yo-yo-ing, I’m just quitting the platform

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