School's Out


My school just finished today ;D Anybody else’s last day?


Well I suppose now the fun begins. :smiley:


My school ended last week… God Bless - Moefv

(DOGS) #4

I’ve been done since May 16th. Guess I’ve forgotten how late some schools get out.


I just have two days! My freshman year of highschool past by in a blink of an eye. I enjoyed it all, jazz band, marching band, concerts, and other things! Now I go into my sophomore year with great excitement. I’m an assistant drum major, and will hopefully be in wind ensemble and Jazz A. As soon as I finish my last final tomorrow, the academic side is fully completed!

(NotATyrant) #6

I’ve been done for three weeks

This song goes out to all the people that have summer school


Apparently Nevada Ranks 50th in the USA for CRT scores, so we have to start school early next year so we get an extra 6 weeks of school >:(


I’ve been done around 4 weeks.


Your so lucky! But you’re school probably started before mine sooo…

(WildCat23) #11

I got out Tuesday.


Tomorrow I get out. Than I become a sophomore!


Just got out.


Some of my classes ended in May but I still have 2 more math classes.


2day! Lol.


I get out on the 20th or 21st I think. Still have a little more to go…


I get out on the 12th.

(kclejeune) #18

Yeah I was out the 5th. :). Just in time to celebrate first day of summer AND national yoyo day!


monday was the official last day, but took my senior finals two weeks ago. then last week there was graduation practice and all that fun stuff


I get out on the 23rd.