School Started!

Well, yesterday was my first day of school. I know some people have been going for a couple weeks already and some are just starting out at my pace and some of you aren’t even doing school (lucky adults!.. I know i know, you all have jobs and have to work; what a future I have to look forward to).

Anyways, how has school been for everybody and classes are you taking?

I am starting my first legitimate year of college on Monday. I have mixed feelings so far. I am taking a college success class that is mandatory, a biology and a chemistry class. The college I’m going to has 8 week terms so I’ll be done with those three in October :slight_smile:

Good luck, I’m still a Junior in High School.

Good luck to you too! High school was a ton of fun! Make the most of it! :slight_smile:

At college today we had to go to some meetings and such, getting us ready for college. A guy behind me asked about my yoyo I had holstered on my side. He asked me to show him some tricks. I did. Then I was told by a bunch of people to go in front of the whole group and yoyo. Again, I did. Around a hundred people watching and cheers filling the room :slight_smile: