high school

my very first day of high school was yesterday. pretty psyched.
just 4 more years o’ school.

Good luck, pajamaman. Talk to people at lunch …it took me a months to finally do it. Make friends quickly…it helps.

I’m in my second week of high school. Hope you don’t have a bad teacher.

God I love high school. Just started a while ago. Have a great time!

I’m also in my 2nd week of high school. Its pretty nice, a lot better than my junior high.

I’m in high school! I have no classmates!

I’m home schooled!

me too!!!

Oh…I thought …silly me

No, not really.

Not many people are home-schooled.

I was homeschooled until 5th grade.

I had my first day of sophomore-ness today. It was horrible. I’m stoked to go to private school next semester.

Geez you guys make me feel old.
Just started my sophomore year of college last week. Where does the time go…

Third week of being a junior in highschool. Its fun being an upperclassman.

First year of high school as well…
I miss middle school…

2nd year of HS.

It’s pretty cool I guess.

have a good friday!

I graduated last May (2011) and I really do miss high school. It was the one place where I got to see all of my friends and cool teachers at the same time. Now that I’ve been out for a year, everyone has moved for school or are off in the military. I really only talk to 2-5 people I went to high school with. I miss it… I really do.

Highschool wasn’t too bad. Senior year is a lot of fun with all the events, but also pretty sad when it’s over, and a lot of your friends move away. But I’m looking forward to living out of state soon for college :slight_smile:

Be warned, you are going to get picked on.

Latch on to a good hearted senior, and they will help you get through the rough years ahead.

Do speech, or some other form of contest that includes something that isn’t physically involved. You make more friends here than anywhere else, and you get all forms of networking under your belt. (I’ve applied for jobs where they found out I was an elite member of the IHSSA. And that alone was enough to give me the job on the spot.) I’ve also met many of my best friends and even some girlfriends through the speech competitions.

Take college courses in high school. It’s cheaper (assuming your school was run like mine, it was free to enroll in college credit courses and they transfer the credit hours to whatever college you attend), but don’t overload yourself. I took a full slate of college courses my senior year along with all of my advanced placement classes (I’m smarter than you ahaha. /sarcasm). It was just to much to keep up on, and I had to fail some of my college courses in order to graduate.

Take your hardest classes in your junior year, your senior year should be spent slacking. Seriously, I spent 90% of my time screwing around with teachers.