Shout out to fellow Home-Schoolers

I’m homeschooled, and few of my yoyoing friends are, any one else?

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I am! I’ve been home-schooled all my life. Right now I’m in 8th grade.


I actually dropped out of High School and home-schooled myself through the remainder of the year. It didn’t work out well for me, but my work ethic was terrible at the time. Now I’m in college and doing very well, partly because I learned how difficult it can be to force yourself to do work at any pace you see fit. Having a professor demand things of you is much easier than demanding them from yourself!

Ohh heck yeah brotha.

Oh hey, nice turn out.
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Homeschoolers unite! y’know after I wake up… at 11…

Homeschooled k-12 and currently a college student.
Don’t regret any of it.


I am, Love it!

i am to nice to know their are others to :slight_smile:

I got home schooled 6th, 7th and 8th grade. It wasn’t by choice. I disliked it very much. I never really got to see any of my friends. Anytime I went out to ride my bike or play during regular public school hours the police would stop me and take me home and talk to my mom. It was such a pain. I wouldn’t put any of my kids through that. The social interactions I missed out on alone were devastating.

Weird, I usually just hung out with kids when they got home from school, not go out and do whatever when they werent home. But now I dont have too many friends in my neighborhood cause they all moved away. But honestly, why didnt you just wait for them to get home and not get cops to take you home to yo mama? Ive gone out on my bike during public school hours and cops have seen me and not cared. The most reaction I got was “Shouldnt you be in school?” And I just told him I was home schooled. He was fine wit dat.

Anyways, who needs neighborhood friends when you can haz jojo friends?

Another reaction is,“So, is school out today?”


homeschooled till 6th grade(in 11th now), really can’t decide if i like homeschooling or public school more. Sleeping in till 1 most days never does get old though. Homeschooling being good or bad really depends on the situation (friends, parents, neighborhoood, ect.)

I’ve been homeschooled all my life and I love it. I can learn things I like, instead of just studying for a test. When people ask why i’m not in school I say "I’m homeschooled’ and they say “that’s great!”


IT gets really annoying. I also have been homeschooled all my life. Wow, just wow. I have never had a cop say a thing to me about going home, or even taking me home. Thats just wrong. You should see if there is a park-day near you. Thats how i meet a lot of my friends.

I love home-schooling. I still have friends cause I go to this thing called class day which is like a normal school day for 1 day a week. And I take a few classes outside of my house.

I go to a Gym thing every week on every friday in the school year where I get to socialize with other homechoolers.