Homeschoolers on the Forums

What’s up guys? So recently, it seems like I have learned of a lot of homeschoolers on the site. I want to see if we can find them all!

So far I know that the following members are homeschoolers:

Erik kerber
myself (as in the user called “myself”, LOL)

Oh yeah, and myself (as in me, redneckyoyoer3826, LOL).

And here is the list of former homeschoolers:


I will edit these lists as needed.

So, do you homeschool? LOL.


p.s. i’m not home-schooled, but good luck with that.

Par-Tay on. Homeschooling’s a cool.

And just gonna say: homeschool jokes, are old. So… Yeah, you may think they’re funny, but they’re not. They’re overused cliche’s of a joke.
Oh, and stereotypes as well. They’re old too. I’ve literally heard it all.

That really doesn’t apply if your mom graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in education. just saying…

My best friend homeschools her kids. In fact they unschool their kids (look it up). These are the most educated, creative, and talented kids I have ever met. Totally driven to learn.

I have a doctorate in education, and I think homeschooling is typically way better than what are public schools are typically doing these days. There are exceptions on both sides of course. Most of school is babysitting and indoctrination to be a cog in the machinery of capitalism. The next generation of great creators I’ll bet is more home schooled than not.

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This made me so happy.

A lot of peers like to mock homeschoolers simply because they’re learning at home. And they think we’re incapable of communicating outside of our ‘home’. When simply stating that’s ironic, because you’d be currently communicating with them saying that.

And I know both homeschool and public school have their ups and downs. But there’s no reason to get into it. This thread is for fellow homeschoolers to meet, and greet :slight_smile:

I was homeschooled all my life until college.
I’d say I turned out pretty ok

Im homeschooled and being people constantly mistake being homeschooled with being sheltered. But nevertheless, the jokes are hilarious.

im home schooled ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

home schoolings awsome you get to work at your own pace so on most days i can be done by lunch time

You might want to add me to that list. :wink: I’ve been homeschooled my entire life. I’m now a Sophomore in High School and I love it to death. It works extremely well with my work schedule too because I wake up around six, take a shower, do school till I finish around noon, then if I have work, I go there for 1! Many people say that homeschoolers have issues with socializing. Some do, not all of them, not even most of them. It all depends on how you raise your child. For example, I’m in a local homeschool group, I go to a local meeting place every week where we have P.E. and where I can socialize. Also, I play sports in a recreational league. I play against a lot of private schooled people. I actually have two close friends from one of the teams I play against. So, you can’t really say I’m bad at socializing, it’s the exact opposite of that. I’m pretty good at it. :wink:

Anyway, homeschooling can be tough sometimes, I’ve been told I’m on a more rigorous schedule then most public/private school kids. There have also been studies on the grades of public schoolers versus homeschoolers and we homeschoolers actually have a greater percentile in grades. It sounds weird, but I believe I am receiving an amazing education, and I’m ever so grateful for it. This is my life, and I love it. This is my life, and I’ll live it. This is my life, and this is the way I want it to be.

I absolutely love being a homeschooler.

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Home schooled my entire life to. :slight_smile:
We are starting online school soon. :slight_smile:

You might even say ‘fabulous’. :wink:

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I wish I was homeschooled :(. I’m taking honors classes in my high school and I absolutely hate waiting for people to finish. It’s so restricting and I’m always having to wait on people. I also have to take useless classes that don’t interest me just so I can graduate. I don’t understand why I have to take art to graduate from high school. That hour spent drawing could’ve been spent doing something else that I like more. It’ll also be nice to be able to finish by noon instead of 2:15.:slight_smile:

You people who are home schooled are lucky. There were quite a few people who were home schooled but decided to go to public high at my old school. They didn’t really seem to have any troubles making friends and many of them were ahead of the classes that they took. Be greatful your parents home school you.

mmmmmhm whatchu kno hun.
: P

Yes very glad but it won’t last long for us LOL

Next year I’m going to take classes at Wor-Wic (college). So let’s hope that goes well.
Though right now I’m just going to try and to SUPER well on my subjects. Last year I didn’t do to ‘great’, but I feel like over the summer I’ve gotten a bit more motivated to do well in life, and make the right choices (like not slacking :D). I’m gonna go for the gold this year!!!

Good Luck

I’m home schooled and I love it and my mom lets us do 2 days of work on Thursday so I get Friday Saturday and Sunday off and since I can work at my own pace I can get it done by the time the buses are dropping kids off and sometimes my mom lets me sleep in

Sounded like my schedule a couple years ago! I’d sleep in until 8:30. Get ready, start at 9:30. Be done before 1. And I’d have it broken up so I’d get off Thursday’s or something :slight_smile:

That’s really cool, I’m glad you enjoy it ;D