Back to school blues

Anyone else upset about being back in school?

Yesssss! But it is kinda nice having something to do during the day… And I get to see all my friends again!

I’d go back to high school again. Things were easier back then.


C’mon Abby, that’s not a good attitude. You are determining a defeatist consequence before you’ve even begun. You’re in high school now. It’s time to look upon these days in school as opportunities to construct building blocks by which you will lay the foundation for your future. You must begin to realize life is no longer to be approached as a pursuit of fun and games. It’s recognizing and accepting responsibilities. To strive for a more mature level of thinking. Understanding with each passing day you are increasingly the one accountable for your own success or failure.

MiamiBudda is right. Remember the days are not far ahead of you when you will have ten days of vacation each year, not 2 1/2 to 3 months.


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My first day of school was today. It was long. And tiring.

Not yet. School starts for me the tuesday after Labor Day weekend. I don’t really mind school though; I don’t love it nor do I hate it.

Thank The Lord I am so happy school started again!!! Well I am a disabled stay at home dad so there you have it hehe! My kids returned and I get my days back to enjoy yoyoing and game of thrones and other things less enjoyed like laundry, dishes, & other misc. cleaning activities.

School is fine for me… But the stress… is not fine… My parents expect so much and I don’t know if I can take it :-\

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yes banjo I know but I need at least another 2 weeks before school starts I don’t feel I have enough summer break.

NOPE! I don’t start for another week!

And I know what you’re saying “But leg, you’re home-schooled! You have no set date of school starting.”

and Then I’d say “I’m in a co-op!”

and you’re all like “wha, wha?”

Well, It’s school for a day for homeschoolers. And honestly I’m excited for it. It’s peoples… humans… I’ll make first contact! wish me luck!


Dude I’ve started school like 4 weeks ago.

I’m moving into school the first week of September. I’ve forgotten how early school starts for some of you guys.

I know, it’s ridiculous! I start the day after labor day.

That just means they’ll be out for summer before you.

alright I’m guessing your in KY because they start really early cause some of our friends live there and they start around that time.

Have they expected you to hit straight A’s in all advanced placement honors classes? To be successful in school to have free college? To go to Washington D.C. for free as well? The only advanced placement class I’m in is for Chemistry. Yet I’m compared to my step-cousin all the time.
Stress is part of school, but hitting grades? That’s not something to worry (too much) about. Your parents want you to make something for yourself, its very easy to slack off saying, “when am I going to use this in real-life?” that’s the worst part of it. Maybe you won’t be systematically solving equations, or even uncovering the mysteries of the past. But having those skills, being well-rounded to the point where you can do this skill, this trade, this job and manage it is where you want to be at the end of the road.
If you can show your parents your maturing, you have a focus, and your maintaining your grades all around I’m sure you’ll be fine. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help either.

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Don’t worry, it only geta worse.

But yeah, I’d rather be working than doing calculus in every class…

I feel you man. My only advice is always stay on top of things and don’t stress too much. Some stress IMO helps you because you have a sense of urgency that drives you, but too much of it is not healthy. And once you get a job, you’ll remember the steps you took to make it to where you will be in the future. (BTW im 14 but im in a magnet program and currently have a GPA of 4.313)

Well put!

Taking life by the horns is what it’s all about!

My sister (college) got like 4 3/4’s off for summer! What the heck!

And yah, my parents are the same… Strict and I need to get all A’s. There maybe okay with some B’s…
And I can’t say “when will I use this in real-life” cuz my history teacher showed us a video… Lol haha