What makes a good teacher?


I’m a teacher in my 3rd year of the craft. After undergrad, grad school, and personal experiences I have heard dozens of theories on what makes a good teacher. Each of us has our own ideas. Sound off! I want the YoYo community’s opinion! Are you currently a student? If so, who is your fav teacher and why? Is it the subject? Their approach?
Non- students- get in the game! What do you remember?

I’m curious as to what ya’ll think. I’ll hold back my views because I don’t want to taint the ‘data’.

With school starting back up next month, I would love to get some fresh views…


Depends a lot on the grade, but I feel teaching to the class an specifically to the students capabilities is a major factor. But standardized testing has put a huge damper on that, as its basically forces you to teach to the test; otherwise you lose your job at best or the school loses funding and closes at worst.


Yup, teaching to the test is an unfortunate and unavoidable fact of the education system right now. Yuk.

In an ideal world, the best teachers are those who inspire a love of learning. If the students have that, the rest takes care of itself. They practically teach themselves and are at minimum, motivated to help steer the style and content of investigations.

On a practical level, it’s more likely that a teacher will have to give lessons from time to time. :wink: And when that happens, the best teachers provide opportunities for every learning type. If they have hands-on learners, they should provide a hands-on component or alternative. If they have students who thrive on books and worksheets (they exist!), these should also be integrated.


Currently the only teacher I have liked through middle school is my band teacher. He makes the subject interesting and fun. He tells witty jokes and stuff. I also went to a math thing over this summer in which i had the best teacher ever. He was nerdy and he could say “Imagine Im an OCD millionaire” and none of my class would question. He also gave us a challenge which none of my teachers so far have. See I love math science social studies but none of my teachers made the subject interesting. They kinda just sent a barrage of info at me and expected me to absorb it. They also gave me lots of busy work which is the absolute worst thing I all of mankind.

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okay so im thirteen and at our school we have a couple fav teachers but the best one in my opinion, and many other kids opinion is Mr.Anke he is a really cool guy and he teaches in a fun ways, he has been many different teachers at or school, computer, yearbook, art, and core (History and english). what makes him so cool is that instead of being like a normal teacher and automatically getting mad at a student for doing something wrong, he takes a step back and puts himself in their shoes (it seems) and he doesn’t get mad he simply explains why he wants you to learn and that the day is almost over or something, for example my friend had a really long night cause he got back from a trip at midnight and it was tired and dozed off in class, and Mr.Anke discreetly walked over and told him everyone was very tired including hime cause it was monday and that the day would be over before he new it, and kept teaching. If a student ever just wasn’t listening or was being a pain in the *** he would make them go outside for a wile. Oh and in my opinion THE MOST IMPORTANT rule is let your students talk, unless you are teaching at the exact moment, Mr.Anke lets us talk among our tables until he needs to teach, then he will say in a louder tone “Alright class…” but if we get too loud after 3 warnings he makes us go into “silent mode” the rules in silent mode are 1. if the teacher can hear you talking you go outside, BUT if you can whisper quit enough you you don’t have to go outside cause he cant hear you, (most of us don’t take the gamble), that is in my opinion what makes everyone (including me) love Mr. Anke.

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OH and no favorites!!!


I feel like being confidant and caring how to explain your material well goes a long way. (If you’re asking for advice I’m sure you’re a good teacher regardless.)

I’m mostly self driven and am probably going to do about the same despite what teacher I have. Really students will find any reason to dislike a teacher who’s subject they don’t like. Most of them are ok. (As are most people but some students like to hold teachers to a different standard.) What makes me enjoy a class more is a teacher who seems to enjoy teaching. Just be a teacher who seems to enjoy what he does and most students will like you I’m sure :slight_smile:


During elementary through high school I always felt a good majority of my teachers signed up for the paycheck, as little as it may be. That was a major disappointment. I always found it difficult to get excited about learning when an instructor had an “… Ok… Lets try to muddle through this…” Attitude.


Depends on what you’re teaching.

The best teachers teach creativity, problem solving, and how to actually think. The course material is secondary. By teaching the the 3 things I mentioned in the context of the course material, the course material itself should be better absorbed, and more deeply understood.


The best teachers know an absurd amount of what they are talking about. And don’t make a big deal out of homework. And teach science.

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For any teacher these qualities are what i find best for any teacher of any grade. these are
The Top 10 qualities every teacher should have! for any grade! Abby’s guide to the perfect teacher! ;D ;D ;D

  1. your laid back on your teaching style basically your relaxed and once the student has done there work you let them do whatever. so basically saying if they worked hard today give them some free time!

  2. i find very vocal teachers tend to get there point across better because then you can really tell its important. (this type of teacher also gives less classwork cause its a little more demonstrations.)

  3. have good amount of homework… yes it sounds silly but it is true if you give less homework (or the perfect amount) Now i’m not say 20 math problems every night that’s a little ridiculous. the students will work harder in the classroom due to having more time to relax at home that means they will be awake in your classroom and want to learn.

  4. Cover 1 topic a day if your an elementary teacher this means one topic for each subject a day. this is so they can focus and learn on that topic just for this day. Now if they still don’t understand it give it another day to do stuff.

  5. Do fun stuff! when preparing for the Assessments or studying for a quiz your giving them Make it fun! making a student stare at a paper for hours and hours is not a way for them to study more or less they will forget information.

  6. Don’t get overwhelmed or upset with a student. yes it can be hard at times but if you throw a temper tantrum and give them detention that makes you feel bad and the student. instead quietly tell them to stop what their doing so they get the idea. If they continue go on with a more sever punishment.

  7. Be Fun! learning should be just as fun for you as it is for the student. So let the student be creative when doing a writing assignment of any kind! you might be surprised with what you come up with!

  8. Have rewards. Students will be more engaged in learning if they know there is something in for them like candy or something! Because then you will get replies and students raising there hands!

  9. Be reasonable if a student had a rough week and cant get a project in on-time and they talk to you about it give them an extra day or 2 it cant hurt! so let them you don’t want to be that teacher who says no!

  10. Don’t be a worksheet Nazi! don’t give worksheets for them to do every day! its good to mix it up cause when you have a million worksheets you have to grade a million worksheets. Also no student wants to walk into a classroom and know they have to do a million worksheets make learning surprising!! and engaging for the class that way students want to go to school!

And no i am not a teacher its just this is what i have picked up over the years of being in a classroom and now I’m off to be a high schooler!

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The teacher must care enough to change his/her style, approach, perspective, in order to maximize meeting the needs of the students. This can change subject to subject, hour by hour, or sometimes minute to minute. The teacher must establish ground rules that ensure student safety. The enviroment must be safe physically and it must be safe to take risks, share ideas, and make connections in unique ways. The teacher is an active learner, learning how his/her students learn best.

Great teachers are kind, caring, and fair.

Great teachers seldom go with the flow. They are a force.

All of this assumes the teacher knows the subject matter.


For me is, understanding the student, being able to relate to them, soon with that you’ll have a great relationship with the student. Remember that kids, teenagers early adults have a very short tolerance, so being easy going PLAYS A BIG BIG PART. On an academic level? Do what you have to do, but don’t leave them with too much. Teach them with humor, enthusiasm. With the relationship that u build with the student and how you teach them in class this will allow your student to have a trust and bond when needed, they will come to you. Just remember how it was to be like them when u were there age and you’ll be a good teacher


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Hi All!
Thank you so much for your thoughts!
I will take some time to read through this and see what I can incorporate into my practice. Some points I’ve seen, at the brief glance I have taken, were great reminders.
I do all I can to get to know the needs of each student and to remain as engaging and dynamic as possible. I know my subject well ( performing arts) and love my job (despite the poor policies which have been forced into the profession)
Thank you again, I will read each post more thoroughly and respond to some specific points.