Yo-yo is a substitute teacher's best friend

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So I recently started my new job as a substitute teacher and today got to teach Junior High classes. I put a dice on the end of my Grind Machine and a new pink string on my green whip, and then tossed them in my bag to take with me this morning.

I got to school early and was yo-yoing a bit while waiting for the kids to show up. As they trickled in it was great to see and hear the amazement! They especially liked the 5a, even though I’m terrible at it, and were really impressed by even the simplest stuff. They had all sorts of questions and I got to interact with my class before we started.

Normally as a sub kids hate you and try to get away with everything, but yo-yoing with them first seemed to break down the hate and helped me connect with the students. I yo-yoed for the kids at the beginning of every class and had good classes throughout the day.

Apparently word got around the school and kids were coming in and asking to see me yo-yo.

Yo-yo just makes life better! :slight_smile:


oh nice! i was thinking about doing that for when i start teaching, but wasnt so sure about it. but now i feel that it just might be a good thing.


I wished that worked the opposite way, when ever i yoyo when a sub is around i get told to stop or ill hit someone even though the whole class knows to give me room when i yoyo.


I find it handy in teaching. Be sure not to throw during instruction, but during transitions, it’s a great attention getter. It’s an easy distraction though, so use it judiciously.

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I agree if you use it, you have to know when to stop. Besides, Good showmanship says its always best to stop while they want more.


I only do it during transitions, i know better then to do it while a sub is teaching, unless its a test i need to yoyo during a test or i cant think so i just go in the corner and do a few simple binds that go back to work.


They let you do that?


The test thing? Yeah they say its better then me fidgeting, and if it helps me think they dont care.


I wish I had your school…


Its a cool school if more people were open minded