Yoyo'd in Class


A few weeks ago, I had an assignment to make a license plate with my hobby, favorite sport, or a word that defines you on it. Naturally, I wrote “Yoyo”. When we were sharing them, one of my teachers asked me to bring in my yoyos to class one day. I think all my classmates thought were, “Oh great. A piece of plastic going up and down. Maybe if he gets crazy, he’ll even walk the dog.” Well, I yoyo’d today, and man, it was fun! All of my classmates and teachers were amazed. It felt good to spread yoyoing to people that didn’t know about it, it really did.



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(Owen) #3



thats generally how it goes for me… ill be at a party or something and one of my friends will go “rudy you got a yoyo with you?”, and of course i have one on me at all times… but someone will usually say some snotty remark about walk the dog or throwing a sleeper. Then i do a cool trick and every one just kinda stares in awe. Its pretty fun :slight_smile:

(Waylon) #5

That’s awesome :slight_smile:


It’s nice to have friends who give you an excuse to bust out some tricks XD