Doing my part

Today in my English class, everyone bought in something that “defines” them is some way as an introductory activity. Lots of people bought in softballs, baseballs, and soccer balls with the occasion picture of a person valuable to them. I, of course, bought in a yo-yo. I was pick at the very end to go up and present my yo-yo. Many people laughed, and, of course, the teacher asked me to do a trick. The general prediction was I was going to do “Walk the Dog”. Man, did I prove them wrong. My tricks impressed the entire classroom. Unfortunately, mt presentation time was up before I knew it. I felt that I help a lot to spread the yo-yo.

It doesn’t stop there, though.

Later that day, we had some free time in Chemistry. People saw my yo-yo and wanted me to do tricks. I heard someone say “Man, I hope he isn’t terrible”. That’s when I started. The entire class just stared at me in complete surprise. I’m a Freshman, and I impressed Seniors. I explained how I got into it and other facts because I had more time to preform.

Today was fun and it really informed a lot of people about yo-yoing. People were even asking for lessons from me.


People want lessons from me. This is gonna be great!

I got to yoyo in front of the class in Health. It was mainly to keep kids in their seats before the bell rang. I got in trouble in English yesterday, because we were supposed to list words that you thought of when you hear the words “good boy” I said dog. The teacher was pretty mad. But think about it. When would you ever say good boy unless your talking about a dog?

Congrats man keep spreading it and don’t let people get you down over something you love.

I regret not throwing at my school when I went.

Really? Wow, that’s pathetic on their part.

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Yep. I didn’t want to hit a techer because we had an assembly today that said if you hit a teacher (Mistake or not) you would be tried for assault.

He wasn’t that mad until my friend said “cat”

you have a weird school

I would bring a dog for show and tell and have him sit and then say

“good boy, whos a good… Ooops sorry. I forgot thats not allowed in here.”
“buen chico, buen chico!”
“¿Quién es un buen chico?”
" Su buen chico ¿no es!"

Well we can do that when we go with Nivo.