My experiences in yoyoing over the past couple days


Not many people at my school knew I could yoyo. Maybe a couple of my friends, but other than that, nobody. Well, last Thursday I showed some of my friends videos of some of my favorite yoyoers. They thought it was really cool and one of my best friends wanted me to let him borrow a yoyo.

Now it’s Monday and I brought him a One and brought my Gnarwhal to school. He also told one of my teachers I could yoyo and I showed it to her and she thought it was pretty cool. It was after school because a couple of buses are usually pretty late. He took the One and practiced all last night. He didn’t really learn any tricks, just a basic gravity pull. I directed him to YYE so he could learn some tricks.

Today after school one of my friends told another teacher I could yoyo. We go to a different classroom everyday, so he told her that she should ask me to. Well I got up in an in front of an entire room of people and did my favorite green triangle. They all thought it was really cool. It felt pretty good. It was the first time I ever yoyoed in front of a group of people, other than my friends and my family.

I also told my friends that I won the sport ladder at Indiana States. Now they have taken it upon themselves to call me world yoyo champion. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, basically it went from about 7 people knowing I could yoyo, to my whole grade knowing. I just thought it was a fun experience, and I wanted to share it with you guys.

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I smell contradiction.


Haha, I meant people who don’t yoyo.

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Very cool B)


thumbs up



Nice job dude!

The first time I yoyoed in front of a large group of people (yoyoers or not) was at My youth Group Talent show.


Thanks guys.

My friend that was interested has been using my One for two days. He wanted his own yoyo and his birthday is on Sunday, so he ordered a Dark Magic 2 from YYE.


That’s a great choice!

Is he going to come on YYE forums?


Oh, I totally forgot to tell him about that. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll probably text him later or tell him about it at school tomorrow.