Just Wowed.


So i go to a small college in Connecticut and we were having a “block Party” today and well I’m waiting for my burger to be ready i pull out my yoyo and bust out a few combos. In no time flat i have four people watching me then eight and they just keep coming. I was out there putting a show on for a bunch of people that started saying they haven’t seen a yoyo in years. It felt good to show off a little bit of what i got because every time I’m in public i freeze up and cant do anything. But anyways it felt good to share the memories of a 90’s kids childhood.

Just get out there and spread the love. 8)


I completely agree. I did the same thing in the club last week. Had a huge group of people around me and i didn’t know it till i stopped. Them the dj bought me a shot.lol. Fun night.


Hey! I live in Connecticut too! Which part do you live?


Just got a colleague back into yo-yoing, and we’re at McDonald’s waiting for a coffee and just doing some simple frontstyle tricks.

As we’re preparing to leave, a 70+ year-old woman approaches us and asks where she might be able to buy a yoyo. As it turns out, she and her sister used to throw a lot when she was young. As she’s recounting her memories, she says, “Oh yeah, we did… let’s see… walk the dog, skin the cat, under the bridge, 3-leaf clover… a few others.” As it turns out, “under the bridge” was what they called “rock the baby”. Now, I don’t know much from looping, but it seemed to me that especially for a bygone era, 3-leaf clover is not exactly beginner stuff! Pretty cool that she remembered it all so fondly.

I suggested a few places she might be able to grab a yoyo and we were on our way.

Glad to hear you overcame a bit of public performance anxiety and put on a good show. Sounds like it was good fun.


Three-leaf clover is basicaly three inside loops shooting out, then shooting up, and then shooting down. I’m still learning looping tricks and I got inside loops natural but controlling WHERE I’m shooting the loop is still serious business.


what??? i gotta see this ^^^^ lol


I’m in Waterbury at post university. What town are you in.


Farmington, pretty close.


Turn down your speakers!!!
Turn down your speakers!!!
Turn down your speakers!!!



Too bad the microphone system didn’t have an auto-gain. We’re just smashing that input level to oblivion.


Yoyospirit we missed you at MA states. It was such a great event for the YoYo community.


HAHA knew that was coming!



I agree but what can you do… Its a phone camera. And it was loud as all get out in there. but i went for the black lights. Lol.


Thanks for the warning lol what you use? String n yoyo?


Was just sort of lightly practicing at McDonald’s today in limited space while waiting for my order.

Lady leans in and says to me, very kindly, “Oh wow, what do you call THAT one?” (knowing that yoyo tricks tend to have names).

I was stupified for a moment, then replied, “Bind.”

Had to laugh a little to myself, but you know what? It was only a few weeks ago that I thought binding looked like a pretty impressive feat, too. :slight_smile:


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