Post the time when you most impressed people

Post the time that you most impressed people with yoyoing.

The one time that I yoyod in front of my friend (did a few matrixes into a buddhas revenge) he freaked out and told me I was going to hurt someone, then asked how much the yoyo cost, told him It was usually 55, but i got it for 40, then under his breath he muttered, “you could have bought minecraft with that money”

Haha im sure you guys have better experiences.

At my church talent show i did this: and everyone started freaking out.

Video please Based Justin

The day I first yoyoed at school a couple years back

I pulled out a yoyo and started throwing in the corner for a couple minutes

Then I looked up and was completely surrounded by my classmates

Then everyone started clapping :slight_smile:

haha lolz

ummm, idk… my one friend isnt really impressed with anything i do XD nobody else of my friends know i throw actually… i dont talk about it often… i guess when i was taling to my mom this one time and i did a comnbo, she was like “woah, nice! i didnt know you got that good!!! ;D”


As in: it has never happened! It may never happen. It’s OK. I’m aiming low!

i impressed a yoyo friend by doing horizontal, because he doesn’t yoyo as often as i do but he was the one who got me into yoyoing

and a basic grind impressed one of my friends while we waited in my school theatre for a technical director for one first day for the tech crew.

My church friends love it, the first time I yoyoed there like 10 people surrounded me, asking me to do another leg wrap trap :stuck_out_tongue:

At camp I started yoyoing waiting for our Rc’s (residential coordinator) to get there. So i started throwing and for some reason like 20 people appeared and were rather impressed. The most satisfying was when i was at church and some little kid just sat there watching in awe he was so amazed and the smile i brought to his face was awesome.

I really impressed a guy a few days ago at a fall fair. He was all like “wooooow!” And i was just doing my buddha revenge combo. Then i did yuuki slack and he was all like “OMG!”

i did a show at my school, just as kinda entertainment between parts of a fashion show. When I was doing the first part there was quite a few awes and oos but when I got to the second part of my actin which I used blacklight and everyone flipped out

Lol whenever I go to a new organization, the people there always gather around me and are amazed. ;D

tomarrow my friend who I got throwing my freshman year(were sophties now) and I are going to be video taped by this 12th grade girl(I thinks she is in yearbook). I was video taped last year too. and I brought down the tile above my head and it fell right infront of this girls face… but she didn’t care bcuz here mind was blown by I think 45 sec. of horizontal play.

I think I turn at least one persons’s mind to mush every week or two.

The only people i impress are relatives and close friend lol i get made fun of a lot at school for it despite my pretty decent skills , haters gonna hate

When I make money my parents be all like YOOOOOOOO

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None of this is as amazing as the really advanced stuff posted about so far but… I work in a short term crisis program as a mental health professional, on night shift. Some nights it’s really slow. The other night all but one client was asleep, we had lots of staff, and the computer systems were down, so I was practicing. This wasn’t too strange, as other staff were playing cards, solitaire on the computers, etc. The client comes up to ask about something, and I’m throwing some stuff I’ve learned pretty recently. I just got back into this and have become fairly proficient at the rest of the intermediate tricks in tuts here, so was doing a Mach 5 and it tripped her out. She then asked if I could walk the dog, so I said that I could, but not on a hard tile floor, and threw some barrel rolls as an alternative. Then I threw Splitting the Atom followed by a Ripcord before binding. She was getting ready to walk away, so I threw a double or nothing and rolled out of it into a reverse trapeze bind, which I’m finally landing about 3/4 of the time. I couldn’t land it at all prior to a week ago, not too mention learning to bind in this time, so landing all of this smoothly in front of a relative stranger was a serious confidence booster.

At my school talent show. People didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t do like a full-on performance, I had a story. It was like: I went AROUND THE WORLD ans saw the EIFFEL TOWER. I saw someone do BARREL ROLLS, you get the idea. I used a Bounty Hunter and won. 'Nuff said.

Haha so i showed my fruend my a combo ive been working on then grandma kimmits sandwhic and the whole time he stared at me blankly… Then he said “how did you get that yellow string? I thought that there was only white”

I facepalmd.

As far as yoyos be concerned, I was most impressive in 1999 when busted out some around the world, inside loop, elevator, and walk the dog on my x-brain. Oh not to mention rock the baby in the cradle that went over so well.