showed off

has anyone ever showed off your yoyo skills in front of a lot of people
i had
tell me where you were
which competition or place
thanks :slight_smile:

fl yoyo competition
talent show

wow i did a talent show too!

I love throwing some yo while my missus shops, shes inside looking at whatever and im usually standing out side the store tearing up the place with some yoyo awesomeness and the store people all looking out and asking my missus “is that your B/F”

love it.

i yoyo everywhere so a lot of people see me every day!!

I’ll yoyo when in public I’m bored or sometimes at the skatepark when I’m not skating. Whenever I yoyo a bunch of people end up coming up to me and I’ve had some pretty cool chats with people. I also recently dominated a big talent show at my school. It was actually a pretty big production setting it up, music, lights , camera feed to a big screen, microphones, etc ;D . I did 1a , 5a, and 4a then back to 1a… basically four freestyles. It was tons of fun, and everyone loved it.

yoyoing is so awesome right!