My First Impromptu Show

Yesterday - after school

It was at a girl’s volleyball practice game at our high school. It was during intermission. One of my friends were playing during this time, and saw me practicing while I waited for my ride. Dur ring the break, she let her friends know about the amazing goings on outside the main door. Thus, five of them asked me to show them some “tricks” (Ive already made my name for myself as the "YoYo dude). They all circles around me in a big circle, the parents and coaches in the stands also took a peak. At this point, it was all or nothing: Hands slightly shaking, I pulled out my green modded Mosquito. started on some common tricks like brain twister and mach 5, already bringing awe and amazement. That’s when I kicked it into gear. for 4 more minutes, I sped through brain twister combos and slacks at speeds I have never done before. By this time, everyone got up from the stands and I was surrounded in a even larger circle. I couldn’t even hear the bearing anymore due to all the ooooohs and ahs, "holy crap!"s, and their inability to do the same. I ended with a signature double barrel roll to mach five to quad brain twister, suicide, oingy boingy, finally ending in a arm grind to bind and full speed. They all congratulated me as I left the gym with handshakes, compliments, and me teaching some of the basics to my new friends. One of the proudest days of my life.

haha nice.

Sweet. :wink:

Epic :wink:

LOL nice.

Great story.
Well done.
This shoul inspire people to do more yoyoing in public.

personally i hate yoyoing in publice, it makes it hard to concentrated, and theres too many bad comments mixed in with the good ones.

Just be careful doing neck tricks in public. I was at the movie theater trying to do neck tricks and I got the great idea to let the string wrap around my neck twice. I didn’t learn my lesson after getting hit it the head… it happened another 3-4 times. A lot of people were watching XD

I love starting with slow tricks then going in to uber fast brain twister combos and stuff like skin the gerbil. :smiley:

When I do yo in public, for some reason I start with cold fusion… Idk why…

back on topic:
I was imagining the climax of your story like the wonderful end of a live action Disney movie. Claps and cheers as your crowned king! lol I exaggerate many things in my head. It makes life fun.

That’s pretty sick. And at a Girl’s volleyball game too (practice game = scrimmage right?) so that means people from another town might have saw it. It’s one thing to spread it in your town, but to spread it to many cities and different genders and ages is amazing.

I had to pinch myself really hard in order to make myself go over there. I have demo’ed for small groups of 10+ people, but not a whole croud :o. I was stuck on the one day that I only had the mosquito with me, :-\ It surprised me how long it held out!

A yo-yo will always pull through in times of Adrenaline.

ahhh i remember this day clearly

one time i was standing in line at a resteraunt one time and i broke out my Lyn Fury… I just did a bunch of braintwisters. When everyone was staring at me i got into some signiture tricks and some counterweighting stuff… By the end this guy came up and asked me to do a show for his boy scout group. It was awesome. The best part was i got my spot in line back.

Back on topic: that is awesome… we need more people to yoyo in public.

To get past the reluctancy, I just say “screw it”, and throw a fast sleeper before I have enough time to take it back. After it leaves the hand, its too late to turn back :-X! Yeah, the yo community would expand even faster if more people started doing public demos :D!