I'm sick of it!

I’m sick of it! I cannot perform in front of people! I just performed in front of my mom and I had a total nervous breakdown, and she’s my mom! I was planning on showing my teacher and this classroom full of kids my yoyo tricks on friday (2 days from this post), but now I’m having second thoughts. The teacher has been wanting me to show her for quite some time now, but never got around to it because I know I am going to get so nervous. I’ve gotten nervous in front of other teachers and it makes me look not nearly as good as I really am (I’m not saying that I’m a pro or anything). I’m sick of it!

I am the same it helps just to look at what your doing not at how much people are watching.

The only way you’re going to get over that is by yoyoing in front of people repeatedly.

I yoyo in public xD

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Relax… take deep breaths, and try not to think about it. put an earbud in. get lost in throwing. just like you’re just freestyling in your bedroom.

Throw along to your music. It helps to put your focus on it.

Trust me, it helps.

that… helps

Just remember: no matter what you do, it’ll look impressive to yuggles. If you make a mistake, try to flow it into another trick. They’re not going to be able to tell ;D

Or you could just imagine everyone in their underwear; that’s what I usually do, even if I’m not yoyoing.


Try that in Whitmore, CA. It’s like yoyoing by yourself…

Thanks for that, that really helps <(-_-)>

I guess I’ll try everything, it is just SO difficult! And I can’t wait to try that underwear trick, lol. Thanks.

Sorry i forgot, who invented yuggles?

It’s a lot like public speaking, just takes some getting used to and realizing that the people out there are just the same as you. Just remember, a lot of simple yoyo moves are impressive looking to the audience.

Hey, think of it this way. You have an ability and they have no idea how it works. They’re not going to know when you make a slight mistake. Just tackle it and be confident. Start off byk telling them how it works and letting them ask questions so you can loosen up. That will help you relax. The. Just do some big an flashy tricks; boingy boing, Eli hops, and any repeater or whip looks cool to the average “Yuggle.” ;D. Also, do as many tricks as possible by starting with a laceration of some sort. You got it Foofy!!!

That always happens to me the first time I show ANYTHING to my parents XD Any card tricks, yoyo tricks, anything, it always messes up the first time. I find what helps is to test it in front of someone, and just keep doing it till you get it right. When you finally get it right, it’ll still be impressive! Sometimes if you try it more than 3 times in front of someone and it’s still not working, I usually switch to a new environment (that’s private, like my backyard or my room), practice, and then I try again. Good luck! The more you practice the easier it’ll become!

I have the same problem but I’m slowly getting over it, if you have a friend that also yoyos you can practice with him, then try with family, then small classrooms and maybe later big audiences. Focus on your trick and block it all else out, music can help and you’ll get a lot better. Good luck

Me to.
I just kinda Ignore them

Although I find that it is kinda different when you yoyoing in front of spectator.
When people really pay attention on what you doing, it is very easy to get nervous.

Yea i remember someone came up with it on yye a few months ago but i forget who…

I thought what andy mentioned was actually helpful… he was just vague about what the point was. :wink:

If you get accustomed to yoyoing in public where you don’t actually have an audience but there are people around, it becomes increasingly less nerve-wracking to perform in front of people that are focused on you. It won’t help you for 2 days from now, but it will help in general. That weird feeling you get when you start throwing a yoyo in public and you think everyone is going to be watching and judging you… yeah… that feeling is barely a memory anymore. :wink:

For 2 days from now… just buckle down and give’er a go. And be honest. If you DO mess up (and maybe you won’t) a bit of something like “I’m not used to doing this in front of people so I’m messing up” isn’t a shameful thing to say. The kids will relate to you and the teacher will have sympathy for you. Nobody will think “What a fool” or anything like that.

Pick tricks that are on the easy side of things for you. You don’t need to wow them with the latest cool trick you learned. They won’t know or care. Do the tricks that are second-nature or at least that you have somewhat of a feeling of comfort with. Maybe bring a plastic responsive yoyo and walk the dog for them. :wink: You know they’re going to ask… might as well be ready for it…!

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The best way to get rid of nerves is to suck it up and do it. I have nerves of steel after six years of competing. It helps in other ways also. I don’t remember the last time I actually rehearsed a speech or presentation. Yoyoing believe it or not has helped that come naturally. It’s also helped me with Cubing competitions. Most people get awful nerves and fail. Again, I’m past the “nerves” stage, so I do really well :slight_smile:
Just go, relax. You aren’t yoyoing for them. You’re yoyoing and they happen to be there. Good luck :slight_smile:

I’m still anxious about public, but I’ve been yoyoing at work and it is helping. I work a night shift, so we always have downtime, and I have coworkers who just kind of do their own thing. So they are sometimes watching, sometimes not, and it means less pressure. Then if someone is watching while I’m practicing something new, I start talking about what I’m working on and deconstruct a few elements of it. This way, even if I’m not landing things, I don’t have pressure to succeed. Just bouncing ideas, but that could be a good way to present some stuff in class. Demonstrate a few of the fun basics and work up to more difficult stuff. Build your confidence that way, then start talking about some of the intricacies, throw out a few of your advanced tricks, and keep it light if something doesn’t quite stick.

I also second the suggestion to focus on what you’re doing. If I am paying attention to technique, I make less “fat finger” mistakes when I’m showing tricks to people I don’t know as well.

Know dem feels brah. I wonder if I’ll ever actually compete because my yoyoing falls apart when I’m under pressure.

A useful piece of advice is this: Film yourself yoyoing.

I find that I have exactly the same problem when I get in front of a camera. I can do a trick a hundred times when I’m just practicing, but stick a camera in front of my and I seem to lose the ability.

I think that if you’re anything like me, learning to do it in front of a camera (camera phone will do) will translate over to when you do it in front of other people.

Obviously you should practice in front of others as well, but I personally think it will help. :slight_smile: