Midterms Help Thread!!!

Alright, so many of the throwers on here are still in high school, and as you guys know, midterms are this week, I thought of an idea to create a thread here to help others with their midterm. Basically, post your question here, and hopefully someone will be kind enough to answer! BTW, I though this would be a good idea because sometimes, google isn’t so clear with answers.

We had Midterms before Christmas Break so this thread to most of us is not necessary until the finals in may/june.

Don’t assume everyone else had mid terms before Christmas break :wink:

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I was just saying, its more likely that college kids have midterms after. I did not mean to challenge you in anyway. :wink:

Didn’t take it that way lol Everyone here seems to have midterms this week. Maybe it’s a northeast thing.

I’m curious to know what kind of stuff you learn in high school in the US

Relying on people here for midterm answers is about as reliable as wikipedia… :wink:

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Actually Wikipedia is actually not bad. http://www.insidehighered.com/blogs/stratedgy/wikipedia-vs-britannica

Unfortunately my school runs on a weird schedule that allows me to take half my classes one semester, and the other half the next semester. So for me I’m just starting a new semester and I am officially pooped already. So glad its MLK Day Weekend

yay me! Midterms are done for me I just finished them yesterday! And what makes it all the better is our county gives us half days to relax and study on the days of the midterms!
Oh and naoki I am in US history right now they basically go through everything until present day on what the USA goes though right now were going into what started WW1. Then next I have to take government to learn about the US government cases and how our government works.

That’s interesting, in France, history is mandatory until the end of high school, no matter which specialization you choose (economics, sciences or literature and languages). How are the US about revisionism and other kind of criticism of official history?

Because even if it can be considered as a science (and no science is 100% accurate), in France, teachers and the government don’t like that at all, there are even laws for preventing some historical events from being discussed.

yeah in order to graduate I have to take 3 history credits for my high school. So one year I don’t have to take history but we also take other history courses like modern world history (we learn about how countries come to be)

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AP World History, ugh gives me the chills. I have it this semester and I can already tell it’s going to be HECTIC

I’m home schooled, but i took a college class, over here in California we finished up our finals on the 12 of December.

Ugh I wish I went to highschool in a different country. Public school in the US vs a public school in, say, Denmark is a world of difference.

If anyone needs any help in math or physics and the like, feel free to give me a PM, I should be able to help. I just finished Calc 3 last semester.

I am private schooled… The class I am in has 6 students… The academic level of the private school is much higher than that of a public school. The teacher has lots of time to help everybody.

WAP problems

Joyful things like useless geometry. If we wanted to do things the right way, we would have to learn how to code a program to DO the math, rather than waste time doing it by hand.

haha, same here. I don’t think it’s so useless though. What if you ever need that stuff during a zombie apocalypse? :stuck_out_tongue:


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