I really don’t know about school. It’s just not that its boring, but I feel theres no point to it. I’m 14, and I feel that I am learning nothing from school that will help me in my career, (Stocks,buying/selling houses/web design)

Both of my hero’s both dropped out of college, (bill gates, Mark Zuckerberg)

I suck in school, My grades aren’t terrible, but I think that I am pretty smart for my age. I have interest in politics,economy, and buissiness/trade. Of course highschool will be a ‘gate way’ to college which will help me with that stuff. But why do I have to go to school, why can’t i just read a book? By the statistics, it seems that the income for people who have good degrees from college there salary is getting lower.

I am smart, but not in the way school classifies it. Anybody can memorize a bunch of facts and spit them back out, but a true wise man can create facts, and make history.

this is my way of thinking

School->college->Job->struggle with debt (not in all cases, but financial security is scarce these days, even though I come from a good home)

Financial literacy–>Job->Career–> $$

So here’s my questions.

Should I stay in school/go to college
Am I stupid?
Your opinions on school

I would really apreciate some of the older people who have already been through highschool or are finishing up to comment


frankly , i agree raph. Dont get me wrong, id like to be an endocrinologist so ill be in school a while, but basic 8th grade is boring. we learn NOTHING. Ever since my science teacher got in a car acciedent weve had a sub. fun… math, dont get me started, history is ok, LA is meh, just everything is a pain. The likelyness of dropping out of school and still making a large amount of money is very slim though.

Yeah, but the likely hood of being wealthy is slim in itself

You may think you want to do this or that when you’re young, but you might change your mind. Cover your bases. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg didn’t drop out of high school. Finding employment without a high school diploma can be hard. Make the most of the opportunities you have in high school to learn everything you can. Being well-rounded is a very good thing. Most aspects of life are intertwined or linked in some way, at least indirectly.

Should you go to college? Hard to say. But remember that you don’t have to get into debt to do it.

Please show me where I said they dropped out of highschool

I want to be self employed, and the money to start buying/selling houses, I build up from stocks. I have my future planned out, and I understand I am a hormone filled little kid who barely knows what he is talking about, but I can not even stand highschool, I really hate it, and I have conventional parents who care 117% about grades, which makes the whole situation even funner (sarcasm)

Honestly, I could save up money in 4 years and live on my own, if I wasn’t trapped in highschool. I understand that there are a million bills to be payed + taxes, but I think that the people who get so many degrees are the people who aren’t rich, who are saying “Study hard, get a job with security”

It’s good to feed ur brain with infos

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Remember, getting rich off stocks and real estate is not going to be as easy as it was up until 2008 when the real estate bubble popped. In 10 years, prices of houses had doubled and income stayed about the same. We’re adjusting for that now, and it’s painful. Soon the gov’t debt bubble will pop when it can no longer artificially pump money into the private sector. Stocks will suffer even more than they have already.

Not saying you can’t get rich on stocks and real estate, it’s just going to be much, much harder. Especially with real estate investments. I don’t mean to dissuade you from your plans or be a downer; just bear this all in mind. Feel free to disagree.

I understand what you mean (I also greatly appreciate your response) but I can’t think of any other career (that doesn’t involve any “talents”) that would lead me to a financaily succesful life, besides making websites, stocks, and realestate.

Yeah the market sucks, but everything pretty much sucks right now. My thinking on the matter is that if the market goes down, it has to go up. (That was bologna)

Tell me some good reasons, I am not sure if that was a joke

I actually had a talk with my guidance counsler. I told him about my plans, and he couldn’t give me a good reason to college. I think he was surprised, because he never expected me to know so much (for my age/public school) and he could only agree with my thinking of not going to college. Of course he did persuade me to go, for “experiance” which I can completely understand

Yes because “If sally had two cookies, and she ate one of them. How many cookies would she have left?” will definatly help me in life

not trying to force this on you, but being a doctor is VERY well paying

You think web development doesn’t require talent? There’s no easy way to make money, no matter how much you want there to be. No offense, but you come across like an extremely lazy individual.

It’s people like you who are making America look bad.

Thank you, you are a big inspiration to us all.

Really? REALLY???

If you are planning for a future in economy/business (which in the first place isn’t the best place for a future to be planned), then I’d expect you to understand that basic maths would actually help you in life.

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kids… they have no idea what they need in life…

you think you don’t need it now, but you will. School prepares you in more ways then you think. A plan may be good in theory, but it’s also what you learned in school that helps you get there. In order to get a decent job these days, you need a diploma. I’m just graduated high school, so I used to know how you feel. Now, if I had the chance to go back, I would. What you think is useless is not. Nothing’s going to happen if you “think” you can do it all by yourself. if you try, all I can say is good luck.

Do as this smart guy says

I really didn’t want to post in this topic. But I feel I have to. From here on out. I am going to be a jerk. If you don’t want to feel bad, don’t read.

You are lazy. Careers don’t rely on talents, they rely on hard work and dedication. Sure, some people are born knowing what they want to do, but that’s what? 1% of the total population. So what about the other 99%? We work. And we work hard. We work to make sure that the 1% with “career talent” don’t get cocky. If you don’t have “talent” you work to replace it. Go to any employer and ask them what matters most. They will tell you, it is all about working hard to achieve your goals, they probably won’t say anything about “talent”. You saying that you need “talent” is a classic excuse of, "I don’t really want to work, so I’ll just do what’s easiest. You try to make it sound like it’s your schools fault, for not challenging you enough, for not giving you the opportunities. But it’s up to you to make sure that they know that you don’t feel challenged, by God, I bet they’d find you challenges.

Kid, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you, and with the “I don’t need this” attitude, that work is going to be a lot harder.


i agree and disagree
Agree that some of the stuff we take in school is pretty much wont help u in your future like Equations I hate Then they are the worst thing bout school (Well i hate math anyway) but some stuff is interesting like history its good to know new stuff bout countries and all
Disagree : u don’t ever do what your role model does like not everything U SHOULD STAY IN SCHOOL AND GO TO COLLEGE though some people are successful in life but didn’t go to college it does not mean that u should drop college
I think that students hate school cause of some teachers or subs but u shouldn’t let that affect ur learning and educations :slight_smile:

sigh…we really need to stay in school no matter what. In this day in age, quitting is suicide.I feel you, school is boring, teachers are mean, but during breaks, I get horribly bored. I guess I’m just used to going so much it feels weird not to. On the bright side, my older brother says middle school is the worst.

 This is my opinion on this: I know how you feel. But I am also in nearly all accelerated/GT classes and almost always make all As. It's the way you learn that helps you learn. If you truly feel like everything is boring and repetitive, take a harder/more advanced class. If this isn't an option, ask about an online course that you could take. If homeschooling is an option, that could also work. I don't know whether you are lazy or not, should be taking a harder class, or just don't know why school helps you; but if you don't think school helps you(as long as you are learning), or are just lazy, and won't listen, go take a pill or something. I am lucky enough to like algebra/history/LA/etc., but still.

Disclaimer: I talked about taking harder classes, assuming that it was likely that you might need them and that your school could offer them. (I am lucky enough to have a school that can help the top one percent of students, where in middle school you can take up to about two grades higher or more, but I realize that not all public schools are like this.)

EDIT: I realize that I have much different career plans for my age, and wouldn’t mind teaching at a university, simply because that’s the kind of thing I like to do. I would want to study botany. Now I also read almost nothing but literary fiction or satirical science fiction/fantasy, grow carnivorous plants as a hobby, wear shoes with toes, and hate the summer because it often feels like a trap. I also pride myself in finding the mailman in the act of delivering mail, like some kind of detective or something. Crazyness/ treenuts may rub off.

No I am not kidding…stay in school as long as humanly possible…get a doctorate…work is a slow and painful death …and even with a degree there are no guarantees…your 14…? Do you really think there will be any social security left when you want to retire…? With the environment as screwed up as it is…peak oil having passed or about to pass…ocean levels on the rise…every ones stander of living is going to drop…when you’re my age the world will be like soylent green…if not close to it…and you will most likely be a farmer in some government force labor camp…so why would you want to start working now…? When your old age will be spent in mindless toil…

this is my way of thinking

School->college->Job->struggle with debt (not in all cases, but financial security is scarce these days, even though I come from a good home)
You only struggle with debt if you are a reckless spender.

Financial literacy–>Job->Career–> $$
Language literacy counts a lot. You need to be able to communicate well (spoken and written).
Math literacy is needed - so you can count all your $$ and figure the percentages.

So here’s my questions.

Should I stay in school/go to college
Stay in school and at least finish high school. No high school and you’re likely to be unemployed instead of self employed.

Go to college - it depends. If you’re not motivated in a professional or technical specialty, probably not. There’s a ton of people with liberal arts, social studies and other generic BA degrees doing menial work. Better not to waste the time and effort.

Am I stupid?
It depends. The choices you make will determine that to a large degree.

Your opinions on school
You need some schooling to succeed. The likelihood of making it w/o an education is very low. Use your smarts to learn.


I wasn’t refering to the fact of that problem. I was talking about how they teach us the most obvious things in highschool, I do think it was my fault how I worded that wrong

I think i worded a lot of things wrong :-[

When I said ‘talents’ I’m sure I came of really lazy, and btw I SUCK IN SCHOOL.

I am not lazy if it comes with pay. I am not really a lazy individual

I have heard this all my life. I understand, but I could never do something I wouldn’t be happy with. It seems that what I’ve been thinking about are the things I genuinly love. Buissiness? I love that stuff,

I’m sorry if i came of as cocky,arrogant, or clueless. (I am clueless)

but I am 14, I understand I don’t know much, and that’s why I came to you guys for help. THanks :slight_smile:

and Q, your post only made me feel better :slight_smile:

So if you guys wouldn’t mind, I would like to share an Idea.

HIghschool–>Community college for freshman year—>Better college to repeat freshman and beyond

honestly I can’t tell you how much i appreciate your help guys