winter break is over for me wahhhh! :’(

I don’t go back until Monday. All the schools from my town to Orland Park have until Monday.

Me too. Quit yappin. lol ;D

In Maryland school sucks it us the most possibly boring as it could possibly be!

I have guitar class and I get to go to jail this semester! So excited…

I know you’ve heard this before kiddo, you’ll get out of it what you put into it.
Your education is the most important facet of your life right now. Boring or not, it is essential.

That said, I felt exactly as you do when I was 14. Now I wish, oh how I wish, I would have tried harder.

and “Nerdy Ulmer”, what do you mean you’re going to jail this semester? Just how ornery are you?

It’s the sociology field trip. I can’t wait to go into the booger room!!!

I know I’m going to regret asking this, what’s a “booger room”?

All the inmates put their boogers on the walls of one room,and we can walk into. One of the students last semester accidentally put her back on one of the walls,I think she burned her sweatshirt…

Yep, I was right. I regret asking now.

I vomited. The booger room is worse than that one wall covered in old gum.

I don’t go back to school until like the 20th. College breaks, man.


The School of Hard Knocks is always in session for me.

You have to get IN to college to enjoy the college break.

I got held back and had to repeat a grade at Hard Knocks…

They tell me when I graduate I can go right to Catatonic State.



Wow, guys, really?