Had to go back today >:( My ma won’t let me bring my yo yo cause I got my other one taken away by the teacher and put on her desk. Next thing you know after the weekend(the school is always locked) I find my yo yo missing. And it was either misplaced badly, or stolen. I bet stolen. So she won’t let me bring it to school

  1. Cause of that
  2. Cause she says it’s disrespectful to have been yo-yoing in class…(Which is true but i’m still mad at that…)

Really? Your Yoyo got stolen? You sure? Because most of the time at my school a teacher usually takes it home and decides to never give it back at the end of the year. By the way you can always sneak a Yoyo into school in your lunch box.

Naw I’m trueful to my mom, it’s either ask her and she says “Fine” or any kind of yes… Or nothing.
Yeah, she gives it back at the end of the day, but if you, personally, keep getting things taken away. She makes it longer “take-away time”

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I have until the 8th!

Grrr man now I wish Howard county wasn’t so up tight about school!

You know, you guys reminded me that in second grade I had a yoyo taken away from me because I was mad good at forward passes. I should go ask for it back. Twleve years, twelve long years.

That’s a pretty good reason not to do it. Happy to see that you respect her wishes.

Yah but you can always Yoyo at lunch!

Not if people in a position of authority don’t want you to.

We have battles in lunch all the time!!! I’m sorry for you prediciment, but it’s not that bad…

yes but one thing school is boring! I can’t stand it because I’m a little ADHD so it’s hard for me to focus on something if it’s not interesting like math.

Wait, what do you mean you’re a hd ?

yes I am and it means it is hard for me to focus on stuff but, it is not severe like I have to be on drugs. its just enough for me not to be able to focus on some stuff because I get distracted easily like if I have sticky notes you lost my attention right there because that’s more interesting to me than doing stuff I am supposedly learning in school. So basically my teachers have to engaging otherwise they don’t have my attention simple as that because then they make me want to learn.

Ah, I see. I was making a joke. But that’s interesting to know! Cool.

really? because it probably explains a lot on the forums.

Abby,I’ve the same exact issues! I get distracted washing dishes,I have a crazy imagination

that I can imagine why.

Heh, I don’t have concentrations problems, I just zone out a lot when I get bored. That’s why it takes me 25 min for a biology test instead of the 15 it would really take.

BTW, I still finish before most of the class and it’s honors.

you’re stuck in there for an hour anyway. why not take your time?

Actually, an hour and a half. We do plenty of stuff after our tests. Also, I kinda do take my time, I just know the answers.