Post your grades here!

1* P.E: A (shocker)
2* English: B+
3* Teachers Assistant: A
4* Social studies: B
5* Science: B
6* Math : B

GPA: 3.3randomsetofnumbers

Our school does trimesters, thats why i felt like putting up a thread like this.

Our school does trimester, thats why i felt like putting up this thread.

Yeah, but you just flunked Basic Post Editing 101. :wink:


oh god. i quoted. delete this post and fail edit please?

AP chem=A
IB Physics=A
IB Art= A
IB history and english= A’s

straight A’s

Sorry, you will need to re-take Basic Post Editing 101 to change your grade. The grade will remain as it is until you have completed the course. ;D

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Way to go little buddy!

Thanks! Ironically, my advanced classes are a bit slow for me… :stuck_out_tongue:

A+ in everything, except for an A in one class for my first marking period.

I do wish there were more kids like you.Now there’s just a bunch of punks.

I’m doing horrible this semester.

Calc - 3.0
Chem - 3.0
Engineering Graphics - 3.5

At my college, grades are in increments for 0.5…Which can suck.

Straight A’s baby!! New yoyo for me(: but I went and ruined it and got sent to the principals office today… My mom didn’t like THAT phone call…guess I’m not getting that dingo…

All A+'s


College so far:
Intro to Video Game Design - B

Fall (mostly Accurate.)
Compostion - F ( teacher hated me…I swear…)
Logic - D (this was my fault…I got so confused at the end…)
Intro to Java - B
College Algebra - C (I gave up on trying to ace math classes…I had it in 8th grade and ALgebra 2 in 10th grade, and Calc in 12th…math is not my fav to ace anymore.)

The Bible as Literature 91.00
Spanish 2 84.00
Geometry 80.20
Introduction to World Literature (Honors) 81.00
Biology 85.00
AP European History 77.00
Wind Ensemble 100.00
Jazz Band 90.00

I’ve really been slacking off. Really badly. Like really bad. As in I should be doing tons of hw right now. hahaha


Uh if I show my grades I think some of you might be shocked.

they’re that bad, huh?