Noooo! It's over!

I had a 3 test A+ streak over the last week and, well, a Spanish test ended it! :frowning:

Chemistry - 97.5%
Spanish - 101%
Geometry - 102%

Spanish (Test 2) - 88%

Why did things have to end this way!? Also, are you enjoying school?

Also, I’m back, after a month of I don’t know.

I miss school. a lot.

First off, it’s great you are doing so well in school! Oh how I wish I would have taken my academics more seriously in high school.

Second, dropping over a cliff of triumph into a pool of disappointment seems to be the pattern of our lives. You know, without the clouds we never learn to appreciate the sunshine and all that rot. One thing is certain, with your average marks you demonstrate you will go far in life. (Besides, you throw yoyos, so you’re already ahead of the curve on wise life choices in my mind.)

Third, I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering where you had gone, hadn’t seen your blue Protostar in a while. Glad you’re back!


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wah. get over it. it’s a freaking B+ for crying out loud. be proud of yourself.

B+ =Asian F

Just kidding…but a girl in my math class starts crying of she gets a low A lol…

LOL…that’s funny stuff right there.

I rolled on the floor laughing at the Asian F comment…But yeah, High School got hard for me with all AP classes in a magnet school setting. Now I’m in college, and its still harder in a sense. But I’m more prepared!

Wow man. That was an awesome post. Here’s a thank you.

Well Nathan (Wanted Pinguin) and I do Chinese, and we’ve been doing it since before kindergarten! And I’ve been getting awesome scores lately! On spelling. And I assume Nathan has too! Chinese is like a code language!