If i get straigh A's, i get two new throws. ANY TIPS ON DOING BETTER IN SCHOOL?!

Any tips on studying, I NEED TO NEW THROWS!!!

Which grade are you in and what are your toughest classes?

Heres the only tip you are going to need right now, and I can honestly say that you should take my words to heart for your future.

Don’t try to do better in school for the sake of yoyos.
Never let that be the reason, do it for your future and the future of those close to you and those you will be close to.

Yoyo’s should not be a determining factor for your success.



I get $5.00 when I get an A, A-, or an A+ on a test, and $10.00 for each time I get an A, A-, or A+ on a report card, plus $50.00 bonus for all As on a report card. Only one B currently, so looking good! I don’t use all the money on yo-yos, though. Looking to get a Smooth Move. . . Any Reviews?

I dont get money for doing well. Maybe i should do really bad, and then if I get good grades ill get money? :stuck_out_tongue:

7th grade, and MATH.

lol, yeah, i usually do well, but this quarter, not so much… so he made me a deal about the straight a thing.

those are words of a wise man.

Just get your homework in on time, finish your assignments when there do, and STUDY before tests and quizzes. Stay after for help if you need it in math.

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Just ask questions if you don’t understand anything and finish your homework. If your able to finish your homework and ask questions about things you don’t understand, then you’ll do well during tests.

I’m in 7th grade too and I’m in algebra with an a… So I guess I’m a nerd :stuck_out_tongue:

MATH! What level? For math you really need to pay attention in class, take some good notes and DO YOUR HW!

Ha, I have a good grade in math. Got an A+ today. ;D

that really is amazing advice, thank you. :slight_smile:

For whatever reason, if you want good grades, do the homework and study. There is no magic pill for this.


The only legitimate way to improve grades.

Just make sure you do all of your homework, as long as you know everything you’re required to.

No matter how well you do on in class work, homework tends to be what really brings down your grades. At least mine…

If math is your thoughest class, I’ll throw in something:

Math is a thing that needs to be practiced. In Geography or History you can just read something from a book and remember it. In math you need to know how to do stuff correctly and efficiently. Math is about finding solutions and the more math you do, the better you get at it.

Wow your lucky, I get all A+s on report cards, and I don’t even get a penny! Also, if your having trouble in math, get your math book and do some problems. Don’t listen to the people who say that you can’t study for math. Also, if you have free time, ask your teacher if he or she can help you before or after school.

There are things that make school easier:

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions at the moment you recognize that you are confused or don’t get it.
  2. Be responsible: get everything done in advance, that way if you have questions or difficulties you have time to talk to you teacher before hand.
  3. Teachers are there to teach. They work for YOU. Don’t be afraid to ask for help outside of class. Lunch, before school, after school, anytime you both have a bit of time.
  4. Teachers are people and as such, they respect hard work and effort.
  5. Make certain you give your teacher obvious clues when you don’t get something. Good teachers read the classes body language. If everyone looks like they are getting it, time to move on. If you frown, scratch your head, or show that you are confused chances are the teacher will explain it again, usually a tad differently to help you out. If the teacher misses your signals ask questions!
  6. Read notes every night! If you are confused about what you are reading you need to get answers asap! Don’t wait. When you get back to school get help! Some teachers will even share their phone numbers so you can ask questions at night.
  7. Develop a good relationship with your teacher by working hard and showing that you care to do your best.
  8. Keep the teachers attention on you. If your class isn’t full sit a couple of rows back with empty seats in front and to each side of you. This makes you stand out and if you use good body language, the teacher will get used to looking at you for feedback. You can place items on the desk in front of you and to each side to keep them vacant sometimes. I have used this technique in college, in large classes of 300 students or more and the teacher would look at me, almost for the entire class.
  9. If you can change what you are currently doing you will find that school can be very rewarding. It’s more than just a challenge to gain yoyos it’s a new way of thinking. It’s something for both you and your parent’s to take pride in and most importantly it will open opportunities in the future.
 I was going to post how jealous I was of you, but it sounded very conceited. Just study, and ask your teacher questions if you need to. Do homework. It really helps.  :)

Not trying to brag. . . .