hey guys i need help im 12 and i play competitive soccer and yoyo all the time…
my grades in school are not doing very well and i know that i can do better its just im not motivated enough to get off the couch and do my work do you have any advice on wat i could do to improve my grades


simply pay attention in class and you don’t have to study for tests. Do your work the hour or two hours before class. Do your work on the way to school.


If you know there is a test next week or something study like 10 minutes each day for it and it adds up. Flashcards also help studying for tests and always do your homework I am sure you can find some time for it. Also about motivation ask your parents if you can get a new yoyo if you get like all A’s or A’s and B’s.


ATM I am struggling to keep my straight A’s(worked really hard for those!). I found that if I right what the teacher says on a sheet of paper(notes) and keep them in a folder…when that test is next period I can just pull out that sheet and go over it…I usually try to do my work at school, due to the rescources. teachers,friends,etc. oh, and ask lots of questions in class…it always keeps me awake and learning something new:)


thanks guys this is giving me good ideas and possibly a chief if my grades get better but if its a math test for course 2 ( pre algebra ) how would you use flashcards


if you know the subjects/types of problems on the test…right down some practice problems and put how you get your answer.


in fifth through eighth grades, i was a d and f student, i finished my last semester of school with all a with the exception of one b that was very close… my best advice is to just get the work done… ask for help if you need it, and later on, dont take on a class thats too hard for you, but do challange yourself… nobody likes school work… there is always something you would rather be doing, but the motivation you are looking for takes strenght and commitment from within… simply try to be the best you can be… put in 110 percent

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If you pay attention in class and take notes, getting B’s across the board should be fairly easy.


fixed. spelling is important.


yes what he says 10 ask your parents


To quote a favorite teacher of a favorite teach-

“every night after school, study everything that you learned for an hour to two. Then, on the day before the test and you know everything, go out for pizza and a beer, and relax”.

Of course, none of us could drink, but the point still stood. You will retain information much, much better by studying a little every night rather than cramming before the test.

Also, when studying, try different things out. Not everyone’s brain works the same. Try studying out in nature, all alone or while listening to music. Find out what works for you best.


after i get home im not allowed to do anything till i get my homework done

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Dont procrastinate, take notes, sit in the front, make friends who can get together and help you out with stuff. Don’t stay up late.

Do all those, and you are good to go.



dont take exact word for word notes… you will end up missing important things… instead, jot a few things down like key words and a short explaination… if you dont understand what you wrote, you can always refer back to a txt book or ask the teacher

eat right, get exercise, and eat and sleep plenty… these keep your mind in tip top shape


I am home schooled. Now, I don’t have bad grades but I Am really bad at taking notes(I don’t know what is important enough to right down) what should I do?


i guess if it sounds like it could be on a quiz, or an important fact, you probably should make a note


solution= get strait d-'s all throughout high school then when its time to go to college go to a two year open admission com college and do good there and then transfer to a four year university that you would have never been able to get into strait out of high school. Worked for me.

 About procrastinating/getting yourself to do your homework- plan when you're going to do your homework, and [i]stick to it.[/i] It doesn't matter when as long as you can focus. What's important is that you can get in the habit of doing it. It's hard at times, especially if the homework is pointless in terms of actually teaching you anything- but getting in that habit helps a lot. When you really need this it will help a lot.
 Until more recently I was used to being able to just listen in class, and remember everything for the test; I rarely had homework. I never really like writing notes, but I always made all A's. That more or less just stopped. Your homework is important, so if you're used to this, it [i]will[/i] seem tedious, so just get it over with. Just shut everything off at one point in the day and finish it.

It depends- If you’re lucky and everything in a test is covered in the notes, what I do is I would write down what seems to be stressed the most. If it seems like a fact less with the specific subject is, it’s probably not as likely to show up a lot on a test.

If what’s on a test isn’t all in the notes… figure out what is going to be on the test, in the first place. I’ve heard that a lot of classes in colleges test over what’s in the textbook, for example. Make sure you look at that. But still listen carefully, as you’re still learning something that will likely make it easier for you to learn, even if it isn’t required.


I am 12 and in prealgebra too. I have a B which I have never gotten before because its all from one bad test where I mixed things up but I never study for any classes but I just write the problems she does on my paper and if I have time later in the school day like during lunch(I dont eat lunch) then I look at how she did the problem.


All I can say is pay attention to your teacher(s) when they are explaining. You will get much more important information, and make small notes and combine it with your own words so it will be easier to understand than to write exactly as the teacher said. If you don’t understand ask your teacher, don’t be afraid to ask, I’m sure they will give you the answer (but not a stupid Question)