Don´t you hate...

Don´t you hate those days were there is too much work and you don´t have time to play yoyo. This happens to me sometime, it bothersome because you get to your house do all the work, and by the time you finish your mentally exhausted and sleepy.

yes :’(

I hate them, but yoyoing is more important then sleep!!! ;D

Well, on those days I’m usually to tired or busy to really give thought to it.

Home schooled so that rarely happens to me. :slight_smile:


yoyo > sleep

life is too precious and I don’t want to lose a single minute doing something boring (I do work obviously)

Yesterday I had one of those day. Today I have 2 quizes, tomorrow I have a math test, plus the homework.

just call in sick every now and then :smiley:

seriously, school is serious business, don’t mess up school because of yoyoing

talk about stating the obvious.

I tried just yo-yoing at work on breaks. But the boss man told me I was too much of a distraction, so I can’t bring them to work anymore. :’(

I have 3 tests tomorrow and I can’t even remember what classes they are in. I think I will study later. Yoyo time.



why study just have more yoyo time
sereously i leave school at school